Thursday, April 28, 2016

Testing testing.....1, 2......

It's so freakin hard to get back into this. So I'm just gonna do it. And not worry about how it reads for now. I'm just getting back out there. Josie on the blog. There's plenty of time to worry about quality writing and shit in the future. For now I need to report on what is going on in this girl's life. It's mostly chaos with a fair dose of hilarity and fear (so much fear). But then there is such an absurd abundance of love and and I am so thankful for every wonderfully, horrible day I get on this Earth. I can honestly say that for the past few months I have cried every day  and laughed every day just the same. I have yelled and hugged fiercely. I am a mess but I still got this. Four kids all under 6? Pish posh ~ it's a cake walk. The kind of cake walk where your number comes up and you drop every single ball you have juggled in the air. Then the music starts again and you just. keep. going. See what I mean? Easy.