Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(7+1) random things on the back-burner!

So, I guess it's about time I addressed those shiny 'new' badges I'm brandishing on my sidebar!

Over the past few weeks months I've been showered with awesome accolades on my Go Momma! site, AND on my shamefully neglected Across the Pond blog.

The latter clause proves just how remiss I've been on fulfilling my end of the bloggie award bargain!

I haven't even posted in Across The Pond in well over a month! And if I'm not mistaken (I'll have to go trawling through my comments to check) I think I received those awards BEFORE I gave birth to the little lady... and she's coming up on 11 weeks now.

I'll be reporting her age in MONTHS (not weeks) before too long!

It's not that I've been procrastinating - if only I had the time for THAT.

Somehow time has sped up (at least in my relative existence). There are no longer enough hours in the day - not for Momma.

I literally don't stop... EVER.

I've heard Moms say this before and I didn't understand. How could I?

With one baby I had no time at all for myself. With one baby and a toddler, looking back on my one baby, I'd had all the time in the world.

Now with a newborn baby and a toddler and a three year old CHILD, looking back on ANYTHING before now - I didn't know I was born!

No one really knows what it means to have NO time until they've been there HERE!

I have to be more coordinated than a juggler on Britain's America's Got Talent.....

Picture this scenario (my life as I know it)....

One foot is bouncing a baby bouncer, while the other one is toe-tickling a toddler into submission. My hands are frantically spreading peanut butter between plopping raisins into the tickled toddler's waiting mouth - all this AND I'm shaking my head from side to side, rattling the rattle in my teeth.

All is seemingly well with MY world... except something... no, someONE is missing. Holy Crap! Where's big kid?

He's probably OK.... he's three, right? The house is PRETTY childproof.... What's the worst that could happen..... ?

Vivid images of my dead electrocuted kid, or him choking and blue desperate for Mommy's help flash through my brain.

Better go check - just in case.

I'll be quick - baby won't even notice the absence of the rattling or her bouncing rhythm slowing down.....

I race through the living room  and leap over the couch to the kids' room doorway with my heart in my mouth, only to find big kid happily reading to himself on his bedroom floor.

But he sees me, and we make eye contact. And independent quiet reading time is over.

"Me hungry!!" he whines.

I'm already gone - racing back over the couch and through the living room back to resume my position at the kitchen table... I've been away for less than 5 seconds (total) but it's too late.

All the balls fall to the ground at once.

Baby girl kicks off - and no amount of rattling or bouncing will abate her angry cries now she's been rudely awakened.

My poor neglected-for-less-than-ten-seconds toddler has taken it upon himself to pour all the raisins onto the floor - a dirty, not been mopped since August floor.

My removing the bag from his mischievous mitts does not go down well at all and his wails join the others. He lays his tired and hungry head on the couch and big fat tears roll down his cheeks - cheeks that had been bunched up with squeals of delight only seconds earlier.

His patience is done.

As is Momma's, only I can't be 'done'. I've a trio of dependents all waiting for me to get my balls back in the air.

Which I do of course. And I keep juggling.. and juggling.... and juggling.

The question bodes, how do I ever get a chance to blog?

I have to STEAL it.

I used to sacrifice sleep to write. But that was pretty detrimental to our happy existence. When you only have a handful of hours in the first place it's a bit barmy to give them up for blogging

However, blogging is my outlet. My therapy as it were. I experience real happy FLOW time when I write. I can't just put that on the back-burner.

So I steal it whenever I can.

Like now, I'm sitting on my kids' floor in the dark with my back to them - official Supernanny night pose - biding my time while they drop off the end of their day.

I'm dying for a pee and my tightening teets are telling me that baby girl is rooting on Daddy's bicep.

Blogging time is almost up. Time instead for laying next to my nursing baby on the couch, while slurping coffee and watching Parenthood on Netflix.

It doesn't get any better than that!!

Wait - didn't I forget something??? 

Oops. I'll guess I'll get around to those awards eventually.....


  1. OMG! Stay strong woman! These too shall pass! You brought back 'horrific' memories for me as I was reading it. And I have two! not three! Thank God they're almost 10 and 12 now and I can 'steal' some time to blog but I'm not as calm-minded as I was! Pre-teens! Oh boy! You'll get there! You'll see!!!

    1. Stopping by again to let you know that I nominated you for the 'Laine Blogger Award'! Congratulations!!! Stop by at to find out about it!

  2. hahahahhha!! I see where the One Lovely blog award is destined....... and I say, you would deserve it just because of this post!!!

  3. Don't you hate when they're actually doing something nice and quiet and then we check on them and it's all over then!

    Speaking of awards. I WILL get around to that award you gave me back in August was it? Thanks for letting me know about that last week because I had no idea. :)

  4. I know a thing or 2 about juggling so I totally feel your pain (wish I could say it gets easier but I'm not convinced it does!) Found you through the weekend blog hop. I'm always on the lookout for fellow mommies of multiple little ones so I'll be visiting often.

  5. New follower from the Weekend Blog Walk. Great blog, I remember those days! LOL My youngest is 4 now so there are much longer uninterrupted play periods these days, but you still never want to make eye contact while "said" playing is going on ;)

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. I feel you momma! Stealing time to blog is part of my world too. Love your description of making eye contact and all the balls dropping...I hate those moments when the bubble bursts!

  7. WOW. MY friend just had her second child, a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I babysat them with my 2 year old recently, and oh lord, it was pretty intense. let me tell you, I was glad to hand 2 of them back after. I hope you are getting lots of support, stay positive.

  8. The fact that you even have time to type these posts shows how deserving you are of your awards. Both bloggy ones and the smiles and love you're getting from those three wonders of yours.