Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2.4 children?

So having just gotten back from ''Momma's Make Believe Night'' with the ladies (aka yummy food goodies and gassing with the girls about being a Mom) I spend the first 8 mins or so laying on my side in our bedroom with boob in baby's mouth. He only just retracts and whines then rolls away in time for me to hear Daddy in "Thomas'" room (the bedroom that has the Thomas Tank bed which nobody sleeps in.. until now) picking up our toddler about to carry him to Mommy, in Momma's bed. I surprise myself sometimes at how silently nimble I can be. In one swift motion I catapult from the bed and out of one room and into the other just in time to intercept a toddler about to escape from his room. He sees me and stops complaining, the words "Momma's bed" stop falling out of his sleepy head and he closes his eyes and sinks into my arms. We snuggle on the Thomas bed for 10 wonderful minutes. It's really hard to leave.. but I do. I really want to set up my Blog. I've already missed so much of this life. Life since the boys came along.
And now tomorrow is a big day. No bigger really than today, except tomorrow we go to the Doctors to find out if this hunger and exhaustion I've been feeling really and truly is baby number 3. We know it is. It has to be! The pee stick told us and my uterus knew way before that. But I really need to hear that wonderful heartbeat.... Fingers crossed.

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