Tuesday, June 5, 2012

there's a snake in my boot!

OK - so there wasn't literally a snake in my boot - or anyone else's boot (thank God) - there was, however, a snake.....

My eldest boy loves Toy Story and boy does he love his cowboy boots!
Luckily he never has them off long enough for a snake to get in them........
Surely we've all seen the Toy Story movies... even those of us without kids! But who of us actually knows what Woody's little catchphrase really means?

Does it even have a hidden meaning? I was expecting some sort of double entendre.. especially with a name like Woody!!

It's definitely not below these cartoon creators to interject some very adult humor into their family movies, confident that the smut will go right over the heads of our innocent little ones... and mine also it seems - at least in the case of Woody's "there's a snake in my boot!"

I did some Googling this afternoon, and the general consensus seems to be that it does not have another meaning - but this question crops up a lot in cyberspace, so I'm not alone in my curiosity...

One answer I found was pretty rude (and so worthy of a mention)...  i.e snake = willy, and boot = booty, but having found only one tenuous link to this lewd interpretation, I'm not sure the Toy Story creators were getting all 'Brokeback' on us.....  although now I think about it, they were cowboys too right?

Perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye!

My hubs is always telling me to bang out my shoes in case of a scorpion or a spider, and it's a sure fire bet that those cowboys knew to bang out there boots in case some poisonous critter had snuggled down in there... why not a snake?

Maybe finding a 'snake in your boot' was a common occurrence whilst out riding on the range... after all it probably got pretty darn cold (and lonely) on a night....  

Daddy and the boys stumbled across this little fella last week, barely three yards from our (thankfully) screened in porch door! It's Momma's first real live snake sighting since moving 'Across the Pond' and I had to get real up close and personal to take this pic, after which he went merrily along his way..........  

Speaking of a tenuous link - last week's live snake sighting definitely deserved its own blog spot, however, I just haven't been able to get the chosen title 'there's a snake in my boot!' out of my head Damn Pixar and their addictive cartoons...

Q. What do you get if you cross a snake with a Pixar plagued Momma and a little boy obsessed with his cowboy boots....  ?

A. there's a snake in my boot!


  1. i always thought cowboys slept with their boots on. . . it's in the ranch house you let your puppies breath (or when momma makes you leave your muddy boots at the door) that the critters get their opportunity ;-)

    1. haha - that would make sense B-B! What does this Brit know about real cowboys?;)....those puppies must smell pretty bad after being worn day AND night in this heat - phew!

  2. i saw some explanation (after my own google search) that says "there's a snake in my boot" means something like "if you get bit, you find out who your friends are."

    not sure how valid that is.

    (from: http://replyz.com/c/3666690-what-is-the-deeper-meaning-of-there-s-a-snake-in-my-boot)

  3. I found reference of snakes in your boots as a euphemism for alcohol hallucinations (aka, pink elephants, DT's) in a 1902 history story today, and had to look it up.