Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daddy's Home

My and the kids usual weekday without Daddy lasts from just before 9am, when Daddy rushes out the door, until about 3:15pm, when Daddy's comes pulling up in our salvaged Honda. We eagerly await his homecoming, either from the cabin door, with the kids faces pressed against the glass, or from outside all toggled up ready for chase and play with Daddy.

Daddy is a teacher and luckily he works close in our small home town. His ultra jammy schedule means that we have 2 full hours of family fun every morning, usually topped off by Daddy's specialty pancakes! A couple of afternoons a week Daddy teaches Ping Pong and Thai Chi after school, and on those afternoons we have to wait that little bit longer for his coming home to play. We all are spoiled by Daddy time and find these afternoons particularly harder to get through.

Our eldest boy will ask a few times a day 'Daddy gone?' And the questioning ramps up as the afternoon progresses. Our littlest does not notice Daddy's absence so much, but his wildly happy reaction to the sight of Daddy's car, or face at the door is telling. And now they are both able on their feet, it's a race for the boys to get there first into Daddy's arms! Momma has to wait her turn, but the sight of Daddy with his boys enthuses my body with a warm glow and I get my hug anyway.

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