Saturday, March 10, 2012

am I asking too much?

As our 20th week fast approaches my mind is preoccupied with the upcoming ultrasound. For my previous two pregnancies, I did not concern myself too much with the negative - what's the use in being foreboding? And so we've always gone in with a light heart, excited to find out which delightful gender would be joining the crew - of course they would be healthy - it was all just 'routine' - no reason for them not to be.

This time 'life' has my confidence wavering a little at the happiness I've come to expect. What right do I have to expect so much joy in my corner? As more and more curve balls are being delivered to our friends I've come to appreciate our luck for exactly what it is  - and I hope it's not too greedy of me, but I'm really hoping for just that little bit more.


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