Tuesday, March 27, 2012

defying Doctor's orders

Yesterday, my biggest kid got his first real ear infection - at least a diagnosed one - not counting the time he contracted swimmers' ear after all that pool play last summer (that really doesn't count),

We were at the docs checking on our littlest kid's ear drainage problem, and apparently things are looking up for baby. The nasty yellowish hue was gone, replaced with translucent fluid. OK, so we're wanting no fluid, but we'll take the clear  stuff for now.

Although we're not out of the woods, at least I've stopped worrying about operations and ear tubes and the likes. So it was a passing comment (dropped in ever so subtly by Momma) that had the good doc pulling back out his fancy ear instrument for a quick look-see inside big kid's ear-holes. And sure enough his right side was angry as!

Our lad was so calm throughout his surprise exam that the doc used the opportunity to demonstrate to Momma the difference between a happy and an angry middle ear. After seeing both sides (infected ear last) I stated that it was 'clear', to which both Doc and Daddy said, "No, that's the red one!" hence followed a very comical miscommunication skit, that ended with us all agreeing that his right ear was indeed 'clearly' infected.

By the by, we got a freebie exam complete with an antibiotic prescription for middle ear infection, which so far, we've yet to fill. Going on some very sound advice, from a number of sources (including the good doc himself) we're waiting to see if our kid can shake the ear invaders without the drugs. With a little help from a nuked garlic-oil combo, syringed into his ear, he seems to be doing alright.

It's definitely a tricky business deciding the best course of action when it comes to your kiddo's health. Especially when I'm steering clear of the course of action that has been professionally laid out before me.

The responsibility is great, and my wee patient is counting on me not to screw this up....

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  1. Just a quick update on our little fella's progress: No fever since Thursday - all vital signs appear good. Prescribed anti-biotics remain sealed and unopened in the fridge, but still syringing a generous dose of garlic oil in his ear hole a couple of times a day just to be sure.

    Baby has now picked up the 'sick' vibe. He's had a fever since yesterday afternoon. Not clear as yet if he's contracted big brother's (non-contagious) ear infection, if his long awaited teeth are finally making an appearance, or if he's gotten some new lergy altogether...

    The little rascal has to have everything big brother has, so I'm guessing it's an ear infection...