Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taking my sweet time

I think I might be on to a hat-trick of free time tonight. I don't want to 'count my chickens' too soon, but it's just after 8:00pm and super Daddy is on a roll! He's on the last leg of bedtime - reading Dr Seuss to our eldest - having already lulled baby to sleep on the 'family bed' (or 'Mommy's bed' as big kid more aptly calls it) watching Spanish versions of Baby Einstein .

Daddy came home tonight a little after 5:30pm, and - believe it or not - that's a really long day for us. We're more than happy to see his whiskery face, smiling at us through the cabin door before 3:30pm. Alas, extra cash is what it is. And an extra 40 bucks for a fun two hours, thrashing his school kids at ping pong is hard to knock back.

But it's been a particularly arduous day, following a long slog last night, with a teething 13 month old. Our poor baby hasn't popped another tooth since the first six all showed up at once - and that was months ago! He only just started sleeping through the night last week, after weaning from Momma's mammas - so getting up with him last night and giving up my hard earned REM was by no means an easy feat!

Still, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. To make matters worse my (happy to take a nap in the stroller, watching Baby Einstein) 23lb nipper was so very unhappy to be anywhere except in mobile Mummy's arms. How can anyone refuse such a woeful, wobbly lipped, wee man? He did eventually transfer to his stroller, and I was able to bestow some much needed attention on our 2 year old, while conjuring up a fridge clear-out soup for dinner.

Multitasking Momma also squeezed in an International call home to my Mum for a bit of a moan;  I'm a little scared I might be getting a varicose vein as a nasty throbbing bruise is starting to develop on my calf, and I earned myself a bit of a scolding for not putting my preggo feet up on an afternoon. Like my two rug rats would allow that! By the time Daddy arrived home I was starving and limping around, waiting for him to load up the kids into high chair and booster, so we could tuck into our piping hot, scraped together scram - not bad if I say so myself!

So after dinner, Daddy mentioned taking the doggies for their ablutions (that's my word for it - not his) and, in spite of my sore calf,  I jumped all over the idea. Bath time is a perfect time to tag Daddy in - my babies love bath time! I headed out the cabin door, passing two little naked toddlers bound for their bubble bath, atypically oblivious to their escaping Momma.

And today I took my sweet sweet time walking those attention starved doggies on the neighbours land. The evening was mild and breezy and wonderful to be out in, and so I ambled along our usual walk, then - not ready to be home yet - I ambled it again. It's not normal for me to take my free time, guilt free. I'm usually in a rush to get back to help - unwilling to shirk my duties (or relinquish my control, more like it!). But tonight something inside me clicked - I guess my Mum helped me to justify the need for a bit of selfishness - more kindly put, a bit of ME time.

Let's face it, it's not actually just 'me' time I'm taking - my ambling body is carrying an 18 week old baby - and like Daddy himself used to say, during my first pregnancy, I'm 100% efficient just sitting on my bottom! It's too easy to focus on the babies you can see, and forget about the one you can't see. So baby belly and I take our sweet time together, appreciating the sprouting wild flowers that early Texas spring has started to offer, and bestowing some good old fashioned pet loving.

When we (bump and I) finally returned, the kids were just toddling out of our room, all pink faced and pajama clad, too adorable! Daddy steered them into the playroom before they caught sight of Momma. Seeing that Daddy had the troops all under control, I nearly - oh so nearly - sat down to blog. But I couldn't resist peeling a juicy ripened pear for the kiddoes and Daddy to devour. My effort was well appreciated. And while the boys were happily tucking in, I re diverted my additional free time request to take advantage of a golden opportunity for a rare soak in the tub.

Hearing no objection from Papa bear, I gladly immersed my booming bod' into a tension relieving bath. I laid there a long while, relaxing and zoning out, before I took my sweet time bathing and washing my hair. I listened happily to my 2 year old wee manny in the next room, as he asked Daddy casually "Where's Momma gone?". I vaguely registered that I hadn't heard a peep out of the little one. There was definitely no need to rush. Daddy clearly had this one in the bag.  

Pink faced and pajama clad myself, I found Daddy and our eldest playing in the 'Thomas' bedroom. I was more than prepared to tag myself back in, but after a short play and night-night kisses, I was once again relieved of my post, and so here I am, making the most of my third consecutive break since Daddy walked through the door. I guess you could say I've earned the night off!

My chickens hatched at 10:00pm...



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