Monday, April 9, 2012

Chunky Momma's back!

This weekend, maneuvering my wide load around has been like learning to parallel park the minivan! I got big fast this time, and my brain has yet to accommodate for the extra space my bod is taking up..

Yesterday, I very nearly blew my husband's Granny away, when I accidentally sat on the car horn, trying to hand one of the kids something in the back. Daddy's family had all gathered around the minivan after Easter brunch to help us load up the boys and say goodbye, when the horn started to blow. Everybody (me included) looked shocked for few seconds - and yes, that's how long I was sitting on it before my brain processed that my bottom was responsible for the noise!

Then today, I happened to squat down in the shower to retrieve my... err .... razor, and on the way back up by rump got caught under the tap. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been trying to standing up with full force, but having to compensate for the extra baby weight, I've learned to push up harder with my leg muscles or else I'd never make it back up. I earned myself three nasty scratches on my lower back, like I got into a fight with a coyote- and I howled like one for a few minutes - boy did it sting!

Later on today, at my monthly prenatal check-up, the Doc confirmed that my rapid expansion isn't all in my head. I have in fact managed to pile on a hefty 7lbs in a little under a month...  double the 'recommended' baby weight gain of 0.5-1 lb/week.

Move over Daddy - it looks like chunky Momma is back in town!

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