Monday, April 2, 2012

if a daughter should arrive to bless our clan.....

In the words of Cocktail's sexy Brian Flannagan, "I guess the s*** really is going to hit the fan."

Daddy has always said that a boy is easy - you've only got one penis to worry about, but with a girl, you have to worry about every other penis out there.

It's a good thing she'll have two big brothers standing by to ward off any hopefuls that fancy their chances with our girl. Poor lass - there'll be no cowboy getting into her knickers until she's at least 30.

I can already picture Daddy and the boys rocking on the deck 'polishing their guns', while they're waiting for our prom queen to arrive home - hymen - still intact. Little do the boys know, they don't stand a chance!

There was apparently no mistaking our little 'lady', on the ultrasound. There she was, legs akimbo, with all her fandango on display. Mind you, both boys were also exhibitionists from the get-go, and more than happy to show their junk to the sonogram cam' (obviously they take after their father..)

"Here's her labia.... clitoris (sorry Daddy, it is what is is) ...and labia." The med tech pointed to three magical shiny dots on the screen. WOW!

And now thanks to her shameless 'blogger-happy' mother, our baby girl's bits are already out there for the world to see.

I can't wait to meet our sassy little princess - bring on the drama!

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  1. Well, all I can say is your princess is coming into the best family ever...she will be adored and protected and will laugh every day of her life. I cannot wait to meet her. xxx