Sunday, June 3, 2012

my very own Maxi-pad!

A couple of years ago one of my mothers-in-law (yes - I'm lucky enough to have two) was ahead of the techno times - at least for Central Texas - when she rocked up at the lake house with her slimline iPad for reading her e-books on.

The rest of the family - mainly her bratty brother-in-law - nicknamed it her 'Maxi'-pad. Guffaw! Very clever don't you think?

Now they've all got their own 'Maxi'-pads. Including my hubs.

I don't need one of those kinds of 'Maxi'-pads - I've got my lovely new laptop thank you very much.

Yesterday however, an anonymous parcel arrived - we guess for Go Momma's birthday (admittedly my first thought is always nail-bomb! I saw it happen once on Crime Watch UK... that s**t is hard to erase!)

Go Momma's fancy new maxi-pad
A good guess - it being a gift for Go Momma and not a nail bomb - seeing as how it turned out to be a shiny purple note pad, for writing down my blog ideas and stories, no doubt. 

Yesterday's blog mentioned the word 'gilded' meaning gold leafed - what a coincidence? My new shiny 'pad' has gilded pages. With a fancy shiny pen to go with it. 

It's quite possibly way too swanky for this coffee spilling, note scribbling disorganized doodling blogger Mommy. Its classy sleek look might actually inspire a classier tone to my blogging...... haha. Not likely!

Authentic Go Momma scribblings 

I'll just have to practice some cursive handwriting, to make my scribbling worthy of my fancy 'pad'.

But I love it! I'm going to carry it around with me in my handbag, wherever I go - just like a real Maxi-pad. There's definitely room in there considering this non-stop preggo/breast feeding machine will have no use for a 'jam sandwich' anytime soon.... 

Oh wait.... Ugh, I'm forgetting about lochia.... Bring on the Mamma Jamma blob hammocks!

Incidentally after Googling for a little appropriate image to link to this blog I stumbled across this:

Blog image: Momma Told Me

A genuine purple (well OK - hot pink) washable Maxi-pad! I've never seen these before, and I can't decide yet if I think it's ingenious or just friggin' foul! I'll just have to give it a go to know for sure! Perhaps I'll order a few for my birthday..

It really gives a literal meaning to 'being on the rag'! 

What d'ya reckon ladies? Reusable diapers have become super trendy over the last year or so - what do we think to reusable sanitary towels? 

Join in the discussion and add your comments below!


  1. I seriously love my mama cloth! It's like little love pillows! An using cloth makes "flow" shorter and less awful. Kind of freaks me out what they must put in disposable pads that makes them do that. Freaks me out even more to connect that to disposable diapers!!!! O_O

  2. WTF! Seriously reusable sanitary towels - only in America (surely)!!!

  3. i'm . . . how do you say?. . . gob smacked!

  4. OMG this is hysterical!! I don't think I could use one of these things IF I still had periods...but I guess it would be better for the environment??? I just can't imagine having to wash these things out to use over and over again...ewwww. LOVE your blog, BTW. Great writing job!

  5. I have heard of these before and I've seen similar versions on I have no idea if I could bring myself to use them but I agree, they're probably safer and better for the environment.

    Well good luck and keep us posted on how well they work for ya! lol


  6. I use the diva cup. Easier to empty and clean. But I turn mine inside out, cause it works better for me.

  7. I've seen these before and thank sweet baby Jesus that I don't need them anymore. I do enough laundry!! Thanks for the smile :)

  8. Oh no. I can't say that I have ever seen one of those! What will they think of next?!