Friday, July 6, 2012

what a pain in the ass!

..No, I'm not talking about the hubs!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant today - and yesterday was the first real bout of sciatica I've experienced in all three of my pregnancies!

All I can say is  F%$*$@%&* OUCH!

I had to Google it and read about what all you other Mommas have to say on the subject - and it seems that I may still be getting off lightly! WTF? I already thought I'd been getting off lightly..

I've had a bit of lower back ache and pain during my pregnancies - even a twinge or two that's given me a bit of brazen bravado: This must be that sciatica thingy they warned me about - I don't know what all the fuss is about......

But nothing like yesterday's; Stop dead in your tracks and breathe through the pain in your ASS Momma! 

Holy cow - THAT hit a nerve!

After pushing out the boys unmedicated, I'd figured my pain threshold was something to behold. Bah! Who am I kidding? I've been a Jammy Mammy in the past - and fingers crossed I'll keep riding lady luck for the next couple of months... 

Now I'm reading about knife pain searing up and down your leg and I'm thinking holy cow! That's got to be a bit of a bitch! Since my butt stabbing sensation of yesterday I've haven't found the nerve (I'm sure it's trapped somewhere under the baby) to do much more than sit on it.

I'm off to see my OB later this morning so hopefully she'll have some cheeky tips for me.

Last night at the MILs house I tried sitting up straight and holding my right foot on my left knee (pushing down slightly on my left knee). It targeted the pain exactly - amplifying my 'smarting' ass - but in that satisfying stretchy sort of way.

BUTT later OMG! I regretted the stretching and decided my derriere was better left alone! It turns out I needed to give it some time. It aint so bad this morning, but so far I've been going easy on my glutes. I can still feel a frisson of badass lurking behind me....

So my hat goes off to all my sciatica suffering sisters! Here are a few pain relief suggestions I found after a few Googly minutes:

Prenatal chiropractor
Prenatal massage
Alternating hot and cold pad
Stretching exercises - getting down on your hands and knees (only to stretch ladies.. only to stretch!)

There are alternatives, and many Mommas mentioned getting meds from your OB if it gets really bad. I prefer the ideas above - specifically number 2. 

What better excuse for a bit of pampering! I think I deserve it - don't you? I wonder if it's too early to give those ankles and calves an encouraging rub...


  1. Oh OUCH! I think I always got off easily, too!

  2. My wife is on her 32nd week pregnancy. I can understand the pain you're going through. Actually, this is my wife's 6th pregnancy :) (that's why people call her labor expert, hahahaha...) None of her pregnancy were easy as she goes into the trimester with all the pain especially the "false" labor pain. I hope everything goes well with you and more power to mothers like you who are pro-LIFErs. Come and visit my blog too at since I just started it. You'll see my 5 kids with my oldest being just 8 years old (followed by 7,5,3,2 y/o). :)

  3. Yikes! Reading this makes me glad my babymaking days are behind me. Now, the only pain in the backside for me is the hubby and sometimes the offspring, depending on the day. ;) Seriously, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly with less pain and more pampering. Go enjoy your massage, you deserve it!