Monday, October 15, 2012

Shame on Momma!

So, the other day I was rolling about on the floor laughing my ass off (actually my ass stayed exactly where it was, unfortunately) after discovering Mom Shaming from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time? 

This lady is 'pee your pants' funny, and although she claims to have missed the Mom shaming bandwagon, (instigated by a whole chain of shameful Mommies out there) I figured 'what the hell!' I might as well go chase after it........  

un-cleanliness... (a long way from Godliness)




more greed....






no repentance..

gross vanity....

I could barely hold still long enough for the hubs to take the shots, I was laughing so much! I think the Milkybar tally reached 46 by the time we'd finished (oink oink!)

So, spill it Mommas, what's YOUR shame?


  1. what the kids don't know won't hurt them, right?

    and that's exactly why i don't keep candy, cake, pie, anything with sugar in the house. have to eat some every time i walk by it - even if it's in the fridge or cupboard!

    but i'm definitely cool enough for the hat. so send it on over. ah, er, but, uh, . . . get it cleaned before you bring it to me, please, ok? k.

    1. LOL! I used to be gobsmacked when my best friend would throw full packs of candy and chocolate bickies in the trash - What a waste! (I USED to think..) Now I smell what she was stepping in. But to throw away Nestle Milkybar (mailed from me' own Ma) would be a travesty!!
      Oh, and I'd give you the hat - only I'd have to wash my hair then, wouldn't I!?

  2. OMG! Those are hilarious! I lost it on the Momma has eaten 42!!! And it totally looks like you are holding back the laughs. SO funny!!! These are hilarious!
    And thanks for the mention!!! I'm tweeting this tomorrow morning when more people are awake to see the tweet!

  3. Have you seen a psychiatrist about this chocolate candy bar addiction?! Hahaha! Hilarious! Shame on you Mama, you gave them one each! When I buy my favorite chocolate candies I hide them in the bedroom and NOBODY gets NONE!!!! Hahaha! Shame on me?

  4. Absolutely hilarious! Love it xxx

  5. Hi! Thanks for linking up with the Southern Mama's this week!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness.....can so relate! I ALWAYS have a sweets stash for myself in the highest cupboard in our kitchen. When no one is looking, I will treat myself to a chocolate almond candy bar or peanut m&ms typically. Whenever, I'm asked about the crinkling sound, I say its celery or carrots. Seems to work most of the time. And, I do not feel one iota of guilt about this little fib.

  7. You are doing your kids a favour, saving them from all those terrible sweets that will rot their teeth, or so my husband tells me everytime he gobbles down every piece of chocolate in the house whilst we are sleeping. This was hilarious, thanks for linking up.

  8. My kids kept changing their minds about their Halloween costumes AFTER I had already purchased them... so maybe I told them that if they wore the superhero costumes we'd already agreed on that they would actually have real super powers on Halloween night. Not sure how I'm getting out of this one. Maybe bribe with the fun food that I too usually hide from them? :)

  9. Grandparents are far away for my kids, too. And if the postman came bearing gifts of candy from them, I'd be pissed. Your photo sequence is exactly why I don't buy our Halloween hand-outs until a day or two before. Will Power moved out 11 years ago when my first child moved in. And that selfish bastard never came back.