Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Growing consideration....

While the full brood are snoozing (the boys, top-and-tailing on the couch, and baby girl, in her bouncy chair under the desk with a little help from some foot bouncing), I think I'll take a moment to brag on the boys.

I don't do enough bragging. After all - don't want anyone thinking I've got a big head or anything. But, today I feel the need to shout it from the roof tops "My boys are frigging AWESOME!"

There are lots of cute moments everyday. I mean really cute, heart-melting, tear-jerking moments, where the hubs and I glance at each other across the room, with wonderfully sad shared expressions that telepathically ask:

"How are they OURS?"

It's true. They are ours. We are the luckiest boy and girl in the world.

You guys too, eh? What a WONDERFUL coincidence..   

I shared a cutesy moment the other day in So sweet it's sickening! but I'm going to share one or two more. I just can't help it.

So, this time last week we were all prepping for Halloween. For those of you who didn't see my Facebook pic, my boys were Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

Pre-candy capers!
It's not super clear from this pic, but there's a little parrot (okay - so it's actually a toucan) sitting on my three years old's left shoulder.

Momma stole it from baby's mobile, snipped off the label and string then sewed it on to a little waistcoat. I'm a crafty genious - am I right?

Well, anyway. There I was on the couch, foot bouncing baby AGAIN, needle and thread in hand, with barely 15 minutes before Trick or Treating kick-off, when that dastardly Captain Hook himself, scooched up really close to Momma and reached over to pat his (not-really-a-parrot) parrot.

"It's okay little birdie!" he crooned over and over as Momma stuck that poor birdie over and over with a needle.

I didn't know what to feel! Guilt was the first emotion, then a bit of confusion, and I tried really hard not to laugh. But ultimately I was so very proud of his compassion. In the end, all I said was,

"Don't worry Baby. He's okay." Well, he was okay - sort of.

Right or wrong, I didn't stop sticking the birdie - it was the BEST bit of little man's costume!

It's not just big kid that's full of compassion. His little brother (my 20 month old monster) has started showing real concern when anyone around him gets hurt - particularly when he's not the cause.

Last week his baby girlfriend got knocked over by a Strider biker. It was scary and sad for everyone watching, not least of all my 20 month old who was one of the first on the scene.

Lots of Mommy cuddles ensued, but once the crying had stopped and the little girl had been put back on her feet, our baby boy saw his chance. He approached his girlfriend and leaned in close so his face was almost touching hers.

"You okay, baby Ne-no-nah?" That's not really her name. But that's how my little boy says it.

I mean, how cute is THAT? Seriously, these kids are going to turn me into mush with all their cutesy crap!

A little while ago - before they both crashed on the couch - we were all watching Sesame Street and everyone (on the TV) was suffering from a bad case of Mine-itis. I was sitting between the boys, and the three of us were munching peanut butter sandwiches.

When Oscar (the grouch) started to cure everyone by sharing, our three year old tore a chunk off his sandwich and put it on my knee.

"I share with you Mommy!" He smiled innocently looking up at me.

"Gee, thanks Baby."

It was the crust.


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