Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Momma's Christmas Top of the Pops!

Only six days left 'til Christmas day and no matter that I've had Pandora and the minivan radio and Momma's get-away vehicle (aka. Daddy's car) radio and - as of yesterday - an old school ghetto blaster all tuned in to Christmas songs (since the day after Thanksgiving) I just can't get enough!

November isn't too early for me! Publicly I'll join the rest of the world when it comes to griping about department stores stocking their shelves with all the Christmas paraphernalia before we've seen the backside of Halloween, but I just can't help being a closet shoe-tapper or being enthused with that joyful feeling of nostalgia when a corker of a Christmas tune is playing..... in September.

(My Momma always told  me it was bad luck to sing Christmas songs when it wasn't Christmas....)

Granted, it can be a little bizarre listening to Christmas songs when I'm playing outside on the sun-deck with naked nippers and it's not at all nippy - in December!.... That's Texas for you folks!

Not all Christmas tunes are 'tunes' though. I've worked hard over the last six weeks diligently clicking the 'thumbs down' icon on Pandora in a vain attempt to weed the chaff from the wheat, but I'm still being subjected to some real antiquated and depressing stuff (you'd all be shocked and offended at the pop legends I've ruthlessly kicked to the curb....)

Part of my cut-off criteria is the beat. There has to be one. I don't want to be put to sleep - I want to dance! There are rare exceptions to this rule - if it brings on the water works or makes me all a quiver, it stays!

Sadly - as I'm living across the pond - I still haven't heard all my favorites yet this year. However, on the plus side, finally after four years one or two (maybe it's just the one) American Christmas tunes have fought their way onto my Top Ten list.

Just for the fun of it, I'm sharing my Top Ten all time 'great' Christmas songs starting with the best! Well okay, 1-6 are too awesome for words (that doesn't stop me writing some), but 9 and 10 suck balls (I'm guessing most of you probably won't make it that far though, so who cares?)

1. Feed The World. Band Aid 

If this 'aint the biggest tear-jerker of all time, I don't know what is! This song for me is the heart and soul of Christmas. I look forward to my private moment (in Momma's get-away vehicle) when I get to belt it out (out of tune) and let the tears unabashedly stream down my face. Absolutely love LOVE this one!

2. Fairytale of New York. The Pogues.

A very close second. It isn't Christmas 'til you've heard this tune, and unbelievably they haven't played it once yet over here yet! WTF? Thank God for You Tube! It's about a young couple that fall in love, then proceed to suck the life out of each other...  Not cheery enough for you? Let me see what will change your mind... I know! It's Irish, and bloody brilliant!

3. Merry X'mas Everybody. Slade

My favourite part of this one is getting to scream MEEEEEERRRRRRRREEEEEEE CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAS! At the end. Classic!

4. A Spacemen Came Travelling Chris De burgh (The Lady in Red dude!)

This one's for the non-believers (in stars and Angels) or the believers (Aliens) and pretty much anyone else who can appreciate a beautiful song.. All the Erich Von Daniken fans (out there) will dig this one. As do I! I've never heard it played over here, but I still remember every word! (couldn't find an official vid so this'll have to do....)

5. I wanna buy these shoes for my Momma please... Bob Carlisle.

I'd forgotten about this one until yesterday afternoon when I turned on my ghetto blaster, and it made me cry! (It doesn't take much at the moment). It's a Christmas 'country' classic. I'd never heard it before I moved to Texas, but I know it'll be dripping with nostalgia for my kids when they're all growed up (and me too when I'm old and grey!

6. Stop The Cavalry Jona Lewie

A wonderful sentiment behind this tune; Let's not fight - it's Christmas Day! (I don't know why we can't live by that same sentiment everyday!) I remember studying WWI in school, and learning about how there was a Christmas Day armistice in the trenches. The soldiers from both sides came over the top for a 'friendly' game of football (That's soccer to you my American friends). That might just be a heartwarming fable to share with our children, but I like to believe it really happened...

7. Last Christmas. Wham

This used to be my all time number one tune but then they started to play it ALL THE TIME! That doesn't stop me dancing and singing out loud whenever I hear it though. It's been covered so many times but no one has ever come close to usurping George Michael! I think nearly every one of us has nursed a broken heart at Christmas so we can all relate!

8. O Holy Night

This gives me shivers! It's not nearly so popular back home as it is over here, however, I heard it for the first time years ago on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I was dumbstruck. It's just simply beautiful - even if Celine Dion is the one singing it!

9. Dominick The Donkey

Chris Moyles from the UK radio breakfast show introduced this silly little ditty to me a few years back. It was played for a laugh (one of the Breakfast show members was called Dominic - guffaw!) But it sticks in your head - and now my kids LOVE it, it's all they request at bedtime! I couldn't believe it when they sang it in our Christmas music class last week. I was so proud my kids already knew the words!

10. Grandma got run over by a reindeer Patsy and Elmo

I had to include this one for its novelty value. I heard it for the first time on Christmas Day last year and I thought I must have drunk too much eggnog myself! Hilarious and bizarre and... (Oh, okay - you got me. I'm all out of songs I like!)  

Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten. I'd love to hear which ones rocked your socks off (or not)!


  1. It's all fun and games until the 26th of December... Christmas music is FABULOUS until then :) Enjoy it all with those little ones!

  2. I love a lot of these songs but I have to say, my faves are still the oldies--gotta have Bing Crosby and Perry Como during the holidays. Thanks for sharing these songs and putting me in such a festive mood!

  3. Nice listing of songs! Christmas Shoes always turns me into a blubbering idiot, and TG I haven't heard the Dominick the Donkey this year! My fave is I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas, but I also like other songs. Again, nice list of songs!