Thursday, July 4, 2013


We recently joined the local 'Y' ~ that's short for YMCA (if you aren't familiar with the jargon). Which in turn is short for Young Man's Christian Association. I know right? Next thing you know I'll be taking a pew on a Sunday morning....

Level with me, who's singing it already? You can get yourselves clean, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel....

Okay, not really. You can definitely get yourself clean in the shower poolside (or in the pool ~ a shower's pretty redundant and a little wasteful if you ask me) but I haven't seen anywhere you can get a good meal. Wait ~ I tell a lie! There IS a vending machine that sells crisps and cookies and juice! Oh, and they have FREE coffee! "Score!" That right there is worth the $75/month membership fee! (It also puts them on a par with the Jumpy Place in my book).

I think the YMCA in the song was a hostel just for boys who like boys ~ or did I totally miss the meaning? In any case, our YMCA is not the YMCA that The Village People were raving about (sadly). This YMCA is more like an Activity Center (I'm not sure why they don't just call it that).

So there we were a couple of days ago hanging out with all the boys, only it was actually the girls that were hanging out ~ or rather just the one girl....

Let me elaborate..

We'd fled to the heated indoor pool as the outdoor pool was a little bit nippy, even though it was over 100 degrees outside! The hubs is always a bit of a wuss about the pool temperature but after a few splashes around the mushroom fountain the kids' lips had already turned blue ~ make no mistake about it, this water was definitely not testicle friendly!

Once we were inside it didn't take the boys long to tire of the small square (but blissfully tepid) pool. Lennox got bored first, watching Sawyer learning to swim. In a flourish of naughtiness he picked up a diving ring poolside and frisbeed it into the jacuzzi.

Momma retrieved it apologizing profusely to the lone man who was enjoying that heated bubbly bliss. *Sigh ~ I would have given anything for two minutes in those bubbles! Only the man wasn't very gracious about it. He stared at me rudely and the judgement hung unspoken in the air between us 'Control your kid!'

I retreated with our Lennox, making sure my best parental skills were on display for the benefit of this unfriendly bystander. I even flashed him one of my warmest winning smiles. He stared back unsmiling. Jeez ~ tough crowd!

Whatever. It was getting late. While Daddy held our Dagny I gave each boy a quick toweling off by the side of the pool, glancing surreptitiously over at the mommy hater in the jacuzzi. He was STILL staring! I was right on the brink of striding over and asking him what the hell his problem was when I looked down and caught sight of my booby hanging out.

There she was, on full display - literally hanging out with all the boys at the YMCA.

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  1. Josie! That boob hanging out was too deserved for such a grouchy man! Glad you and the boys have a nice place to cool down. Free coffee is a bonus ;)