Monday, March 12, 2012

Confessions of a bogey eater

So we've all probably done it at some time or other in our childhoods - although we all cringe in disgust at the thought - and a rare few will ever admit to it!

But a good old poke around up in the nasal passage followed by a well deserved salty snack for his troubles seems to be my eldest son's new favourite pass time.

He only discovered snot a few weeks back when a seasonal runny nose had the gunky stuff dripping down over his lips non-stop, apparently the only repulsive thing about this, for my little boy, was once the leaking stopped, and he had to find a way to get that gloopy loot from nose to mouth himself.

It didn't take long for a wandering finger to start poking away, and I watched as his nose picking developed from just picking, to picking and eating it. Sigh. Yuk. It was probably inevitable. I've seen many kids indulging in the habit, and I don't know if there's a way I can break it. Or if I should even try.

'Ignore it into extinction' is common advice for naughty behaviour, but this habit seems to be too enjoyable for the little one to forget. I wish he'd go back to playing with his willy!

It's also a little difficult for Mum to ignore. He likes to do it in the car, while watching TV, when I'm reading to him, and basically whenever he's got a spare moment or two and the thought occurs to him. I watched quietly from the sidelines at first, but it only seemed to increase in frequency, so I decided some sort of intervention was required albeit a playful one.

So far, I pull his finger out of his nose, whenever I catch him digging around up there, and I'll screw up my face and say 'urgh' or 'yukky' which usually earns a giggle or two. I've kept it light, and made a joke out of it, which (according to the hubbie) has probably only drawn more attention to it.

But I really don't want him feeling bad about it. He knows I don't like him doing it, so he does it sometimes just to tease me, with a real mischievous grin on his chops. I always laugh and make yukky noises. Sometimes I pull his finger out and he says casually 'soddy mummy' but it's back up there in no time.

There's not a bit of me that wants to scold him for it - but I do want to protect him from incurring anyones disapproval, and in polite society, bogey munching is just not cool. I've already noticed a few mommas' lips curling in distaste after witnessing my dude in action, and I have to admit to being a tad bit embarrassed.

I sometimes wonder if all kids really do do it, or if we're just genetically disgusting. My husband assures me that the latter is definitely true. A few fellow comrades have thrown in comments like 'boys will be boys' and 'It's nice and salty!', I'm guessing they've seen or raised few  grotty boys (and girls) in their time. It's nice to know we're not alone!


  1. i think, you should tell him sternly 'no' 'No' 'NO'

    think about it, its like a dog eating something off the floor that you dont know what it is.
    you want to protect it.
    so you have to let him ''No'' (know)

    dont let him do it! it's all good being easy going about it. but try telling him when he's 18 that you let him eat his own boogers. he's gonna say 'mom, how could you' my advice ;) is to really make it a stern ''No''
    make it like , if he picks his nose- the booger mans gonna snatch him ...jk i don't know, its like make it seem like theres something reason you dont want him picking his nose and eating it- like kids always want a reason- and you could have a special reason.. say 'if you do that, santa claus wont come this christmas' jk? i dont know santa claus or your son eats bogies :p or or just make it seem like there some unknown reason he cant know of yet that is should listen to you and not eat his bogies. yknow- you cant see what im talking about yet- but trust me 'No' dont eat your bogies. For all you know- there might be a magical reason mommies telling you 'No' '' type thing
    maybe his favourite tv show character might disapear if his does it again?! i dont know. use ur imagination thats what kids do
    mmmm mmmm gotta love that salty peanut snack .. thats some freakin imagination..ewwww ;p bye!

  2. ive got it ive got it!! feed him real peanuts!!!

    i know they say kids cant eat them but maybe you could find really small ones. and mcdonalds coffee says 'caution hot liquid' so.... take your bogies with a pinch of bogie salt :p mmmmmmmm

  3. Ugh I think they all do it! I've heard that good advice for anything nasty is to not prevent it but tell them there are certain behaviors that need to be done in private, like alone in their rooms. My kid eats his boogers AND sticks his finger down the back of his pants, brings it out and smells it. Nice.

  4. Ewwww maybe there is a difference between girls and boys. But neither of mine have done this. Of course they have done other disgusting behaviors, like put their knees over their shoulders to show the world that they forgot their underwear. So I would take the boogey-eating any day :)