Wednesday, April 25, 2012

itch to scratch....

My fella and I are fast approaching our 7 year wedding anniversary - coming up this September - and Momma has an itch alright, but it's one only Daddy knows how to scratch!

Last week, at the Jumpy Place I met a Mommy with a matching smile dimple on her right cheek, just like the one our eldest sports when he grins. With her dimple on display she told me what her Momma always told her, "Daddy should have stopped before he did!".

Can you believe the connotation was almost lost on me - just for a minute (blame it on the baby brain!) - but after the penny dropped I was nearly crying with laughter!

Apparently less than 2% of the population have one of these adorable dimples. How is that possible with the rampant hormones that possess us preggo ladies?

Our poor baby girl is going to be dimpled from head to toe!

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  1. Interesting, both my boys have dimples. Thanks for linking up.