Monday, April 30, 2012

NOT a girl!

No, I'm not talking about the gender of baby bump (although stranger things have happened!). I've heard horror stories of closets crammed with pink clothes, tutus and bows, and nurseries all pinkified, set to welcome in a bouncing baby boy?! We don't have much to worry about on that score, with our lack of pink prep, and bags of boy clothes, if the sonogram was on the money, we'll be rearing a tomboy for sure!

I'm actually referring to our handsome toe-head number one son, who's golden locks I love so much I just can't bare to chop em... but chop em I have done! My boy's first haircut (last summer) was an attempt to even out the mullet which I heartily denied he ever sported - and it made a drastic difference! I was so heartbroken at first (I kept a lock for prosperity), but then I fell in love with the little guys new 'boy' look,
Sporting a mullet, Aug 2011

and I thought he looked EVEN prettier,  if that's possible!!

I just can't stop looking at my boys' faces - it's a bit of a safety hazard when I'm driving - they are so darn beautiful!
Birthday  'boy' cut, Sep 2011
His last two haircuts were just to tidy up his fringe (bangs) - much to Daddy's disapproval - although I'm sure Daddy would heartily disapprove of the glittery clips and such required to keep those irritating bangs out of our boys eyes while he's growing his rock star locks!

But 6 months on and our boy's hair was back to girly length, and no matter in what get-up he's clad in - the public just can't seem to accept a little boy with such a thick mop of white golden hair! Frequently now, in the check-out queue or browsing aimlessly around the Target dollar bins, so many people like to praise our girl,  "isn't she pretty?" (which I don't deny, he is very pretty). I also get the slightly less brave - more diplomatic... "Is he a ..girl?" query, which - to be honest - doesn't come off nearly as well as a blatant faux pas. C'mon people - you've a 50:50 chance of getting it right! Check out the shoes- the T-shirt... I leave enough clues to save everyone the embarrassment - but all eyes can't help but be drawn to that oh so girly thick white mane.

Goldilocks, Easter 2012

And I can't talk - my one of my most mortifying memories had me questioning a 'man's' presence in the ladies bathroom at the University Guild, only to have the He-Ra turn around and state in a clearly feminine and dead-pan tone "I'm not a man, I'm a girl." That was a sure fire moment I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me whole!

I might put my lack of gender differentiation down to being a tad bit alcoholically impaired, but still, no girl likes being called a man, and likewise no Mama likes her baby girl being called a boy (hence the recent trend of Minnie Mouse head bows)..

Anyway - today was the day I finally succumbed to public pressure and lopped his lovely white mop off.. AGAIN. And it took me forever! I'm no coiffure - and contrary to popular belief - cutting hair is not as easy as it looks. A two  - going on 3 - year old turned out (unsurprisingly) not to be a willing guinea pig for Mummy's learning curve and getting the wee manny to sit still for any length of time was a bit of a trial!

I trimmed him first off over mac 'n'cheese.... and I turned my cool cat into a choir boy.

So I trimmed his new neat 'bob' again during a NetFlix marathon of Chuck.... and I created an uneven ridge. I'd have been better using a mixing bowl......!

So I trimmed his jagged hairdo again out on the deck with a Kinder Hippo treat bribe to buy me some time.......  I wish I could say third time was a charm - it wasn't. But it was an improvement.


It's still a pretty shoddy job - if you look close enough - but at a glance it's not too bad at all. I'm not entirely satisfied, so I'm bound to upset the little man by touching up my handiwork again tomorrow. The last haircut took a few days until I was happy with the result. Daddy just got some beard shears, so maybe I'll try a number 2 setting on the back...

Go steady Momma! I'm not ready for my baby to get a buzz cut.. just yet.

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