Sunday, May 13, 2012

some good clean fun - Happy HAPPY Momma's Day!

Bully for us our high-flier Scottish visitor took off running with both kids strapped in the stroller, providing this depraved Momma and Papa with a double whammy golden opportunity; SEX...... wait for it... in the bed!

It's not often us crazy cats have the time  - and let's face it; the energy or inclination - to get down and dirty when the kids are napping in sync, which in itself is an increasing rarity!

And having opted for a cuddly co-sleeping family lifestyle, our bedroom has become a child friendly sanctuary, meaning any civilized nooky between the sheets is sadly a thing of the past. Transpiring in its wake, instead is our marital era of kinkier sexcapades! I'm NOT complaining - variety is definitely the spice of life...

However, on Stateside Momma's Day, I can't say I'm anything but tickled pink that Daddy finally got a chance to do some good old fashioned missionary work in a most rare and ludicrous location - the marriage bed!!

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