Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Torrential transfer....

Phew - I think I did it! The heavens have opened up and it's raining cats & dogs Texas style! Both boys have been haphazardly hauled inside our home AND put to bed for a noon nap - boo ya!

As soon as my rear view mirror delivered the good news that both bairns were out, my BLOG craving brain started hatching away the perfect plot to get them transferred with it hammering down outside....

I'm currently awaiting my almighty Momma's Day prezzie - it's supposed to arrive today - my very own personal Lap Top, for making one blog happy Momma truly happy! Papa bear has no idea just how many penis points he's racking up for this gift..

And once I'm all set - transfer worries maybe a thing of the past! I'll be letting the little ones sleep it out in our minivan. With me hooked up to the WI-FI, this Momma can 'Blog on the go'!

Shaking off my imminent future fantasy, I pulled the van up close to our screened in porch only to find it bolted from the inside. The dogs were furious at the change of parking location, leading to an exasperated Mommy upping the rabble by roaring back at the barking!

Moving fast, I raced over to the other entrance, and now I was up and moving, my internal lodger let me realize that I could really do with 'dropping off the kids'- before I went and got the kids! Dripping wet with my feet slip-sliding in my flip-flops, I flip-flopped whether or not to take a bathroom break pre-transfer. But, realizing it could possibly mean waving bye bye to any bodacious blog-time, I opted to 'hold on' and get the kids nap rooms ready for go - with their rain sounds, and fans on - and went in for my first transfer:

Transfer#1 The Baby; not always a smart first choice, but having been asleep in the car for the longest it was worth the gamble.... While careering around the car I noticed just how close my front wheels were to Daddy's outdoor plumbing - yikes! The little fella got some big nose splashes from the upper deck run-off, before I safely bundled him inside.

He lifted his head a few times - not a good sign - and my tugging off his wet crocks irked the dude a little. But still in his semi-roused snugly state I laid him down no messing and skedaddled outta there, holding my breath to await the fall-out... Nothing but quiet. Thankfully my gamble had paid off - Go Momma!

Off I raced back outside for my second transfer - clenching with all my might:

Transfer#2 The Toddler; a much easier transfer these days - and his awakening during the transfer doesn't usually deter my sleepy-head son from returning to his dream world. The 10 seconds of rain didn't impress him one bit, but all was soon forgiven and forgotten when I laid down his head on his choo-choo bed.

With the car still running and Momma desperate for my do-do, I still inexplicably returned outside to turn-off the engine first! I was soaked to the bone, and shivering furiously, so I shedded all my clothes and finding a kiddie hoody towel just conveniently dumped on the floor, I gave my body a vigorous rub-down...

I don't know what misguided motive makes me hold-off plonking down on the potty before my ducks are all in a row, but I still had a few more items to tick off first; get into my sloppy joe clothes, get a brew on...... get your priorities right Momma!!!

A few crucial seconds later - and almost touching cloth - I parked myself on the pot, finally able to relax and deliver my much delayed morning parcel! What a relief on all counts!

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