Tuesday, May 15, 2012

poo poo on the potty!

'pleased as punch' with his poo poo on the potty!
For the past two evenings our youngest has successfully managed to hit the jackpotty, although admittedly, tonight, he left a bit of an appetizer in his diaper, leading to a much messier main course!

Let's just say the ball wiped it's feet on the sides before it got pocketed - but it still counts as a pot, right?

Daddy - a big advocate of baby's desire to take a pew when he's landing one - was quick to shy away from this particular clean-up, which took a few more than our three baby wipe 'poop' budget!

In spite of his willingness to jump in head first - potty training for our 15 month old has not even popped up on our parenting agenda yet. Lucky for us, he's been an avid audience to big brother's potty shenanigans since last August when we took all our dude's diapers away.

During that first week of 'cold turkey' an AWOL, and well camouflaged, turd managed to escape from the bottom of big brother's pajama leg, landing on the conveniently brown laminate flooring of our cabin. Momma was too busy cleaning up mucky bum big bro - and gently addressing his accident - to notice a freshly crawling babe on the prowl for an exciting new toy......

When the penny finally dropped that I was missing more plop than had evidently made the drop, I scanned the room for the whereabouts of baby and his booty. Of course I was too late, and my jaw dropped, when I caught sight of baby, happier than a pig in muck, squeezing big brother's feces - more pliant than play-doh - through his tiny fingers!  

Holy crap! I think I let out a horrified howl as I swooped him unceremoniously into the bathroom, and stretched his little hands out under the tap. But no amount of rinsing could get the odor off his hands (thank God he's not a big chocolate fan....) and they both ended up in a hot soapy bath. I think big bro was more traumatized than baby, who seemed more chuffed with himself for the riot he'd created, than anything else.

Since that first excrement episode baby's fascination with the deposition of fecal matter was born - and after witnessing big brother land poop after poop on the potty (thankfully) - he's really keen to copy everything his heroic sibling does, including his triumphs on the throne.

The novelty may soon wear off - but who gives a s**t?

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