Monday, June 25, 2012

finally popped my 'blogger award' cherry!

A big cheers to Gossip Girl at Whatever who passed this Fabulous Blog Ribbon award on to me this weekend - of course I am chuffed to pieces! 

No speeches in the blogging world - here's how accepting this awesome award works...

1) Post the rules on your blog.. (ta da!)
2) Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3) Name five things you love.
4) Name five things you hate. 
5) Pass the ribbon on to five other fabulous bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win.)

Ok.. admittedly it looks a little like a chain letter - but I'm not complaining cos I got me one!

My five most fabulous moments (in chronological order...)

1) The first time I reached the big "O". I guess I was a slow starter - but not for the lack of practice! I worked hard with that little man in a boat until finally wham BAM!  I rate it as one of my biggest personal achievements. A fabulous m-Oh-ment I like to repeat 'O'ver and 'O'ver and 'O'ver...... 

2) Tying the knot - literally! We performed the traditional 'pagan' ritual with a big fat knot hand woven by the hubs, on top of Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg Texas. He wore a kilt and we both had chacos on our feet! 

3) The first time my waters broke! My vagina shot out that water bomb with a force to be reckoned with! The awesome phenomenon had the hubs and sister-in-law and me rooted to the spot in wonder. The second labor did not disappoint - but we were more ready, and so less shocked by the power of my poonani! I'm not sure if we've fully tested the range of my hooha yet! Perhaps we should get some floor markings set up and see how far I can blast this next bubble sack.... 

4) Pushing baby boy number one out! My firstborn's birth was crazy fabulous. The finale was fast and furious, and painfully intense. The confusion and excitement had the adrenalin pumping through my veins for days afterwards. I remember the burn then 'pop' sensation as he crowned and slithered right outta there, and my whole body shaking uncontrollably in the aftermath - and NO there was no m'O'ment - at least that I recall... Geez, apparently some women will peak any chance they get!    

5) When baby boy number two latched on during skin on skin! It was fabulous when my first baby latched on too, but my emotions were rawer, and less in check, and I wasn't so nifty with my nipples in the beginning. So when my second mucus slickened little manny was laid on my chest I drank in the entire experience. He found my booby with barely a nudge, and BOY did I feel like a magical Momma!

Five things I love (in no particular order)

1) Coffee - you are my drive, my recharge, my energy, my pleasure! Oh, how I love your rich aroma on a morning.. all day... and at night too! Being awake just isn't the same without you.

My wonderful boys of course! The love for my children is a bottomless well that just keeps growing! I can't fathom the depths to this emotion yet - it's caught me way off guard! 

3) My boys' daddy! Of course I loved him before he became the 'Daddy'. He's my lover, my carer, my best friend and my soul mate - pretty much everything to me! I love our history and anticipate our future. I particularly love the naughty niceties we are lawfully obliged to get up to together!

4) Venus - my retriever/shepherd lady dog. I rescued my gorgeous girl from the pound at seven months and from day one she made me the center of her world - I love her for that, and lots of other stuff too.  

5) My long distance best friend Jules. She's my closest gal-pal even though she lives far far away! I miss living close enough for a sit down and a cuppy in her cosy farmhouse kitchen, but somehow this wily woman is able to work her unique flair for friendship from Across The Pond just the same. She's unique and incredible and I love her very much... sniff.  

Five things that get my goat....

1) Christmas cake. Why ruin a good cake with dried fruit?

2) Margaritas. Tequila doesn't make me happy. It makes me sick...Ugh (full body shudder).. very sick.

3) that running is hip - hence I am not. I've often envied my lithe and athletic amigas - all of whom swear that once you work through the pain - it's a lot of fun. Come on! FUN to run...? Perhaps if you're running towards an ice-cream van..... or away from a clown - I might buy that. But running for running's sake? It seems a little masochistic to me....

4) that literary orgasms are so much better that the real deal! How is it that the lucky Miss Anastasia Steele is constantly in the throes of mind-blowing, f**k-me, body racking orgasms? What are these multiple and rapturous waves of ecstasy the lucky cow gets to feel? I've been teased by the 'literay' orgasm for long enough! An orgasm that leaves your entire mind and body a quivering semi-conscious wreck? Cum off it! If I'm wrong teach me my far-from-frigid-friends. Seriously - I'm gagging to know!     

5) that teleportation devices sill haven't been invented yet! I hate not being able to pop over to my Mum's for a cuddle (boo hoo). It's not always easy living so far away from my family. I do great most of the time, but every now and then..... (sigh).

The trekkers were doing it back in the sixties!

Five bloggers who I deem fabulous!

There are so many more than five fabulous bloggers out there so I chopped and changed a little - a bit like Ross Geller and his laminated list of five hot celebrities he's allowed to sleep with! Don't worry guys - that's not part of the award...

This short list of bloggers all have very different styles and blog about a range of topics (OK perhaps my picks are top heavy on parenting - that's my bag), but what they all have in common is being AB FAB (absolutely fabulous) - perhaps way too fabulous for this ribbon frivolity!

Honest Toddler


Dadding Dudes

Alise Write

Rum-Punch Drunk


  1. You made me cry. Yes really! I have tears streaming down my face right now. But happy tears. So chuffed that you mentioned me. Miss you hun xxx

  2. Congrats dear!

    Just found you through Link Referral(:

    Mind checking out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi, reviewing it, and publicly following if you like it?

    Thank you,
    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  3. Thank you so much Josie for reading my blog and deeming it fabulous. I am truly honored and most grateful. It is people like you that encourages me to continue, so I really appreciate it. Thanks again :)