Thursday, June 28, 2012

34 weeks: BIG and CHUNKY!

Following my blog entry back in April Chunky Momma's back! I started a much healthier eating regime. Out with the sugar and the corn and the bad carbs and in with the whole grains, legumes and veg.

It wasn't only the 7lb weight gain I'd experienced over the four weeks since the previous Gyno visit that spurred the diet, but the imminent glucose testing (blogged about in Oh, sugar!) had me running scared also.

In the end I declined the test - rebel that I am - and fortunately I didn't have to go back and face the Doc until mid-May. But when my May check came around - I couldn't believe it - 7lb weight gain AGAIN!

WTF?! That was 14lbs gained in two months. Madagascar's Moto Moto would have no problem hittin' this hefty Momma I'm sure!

I'm not so sure that 'plumpy plumpy' does it for daddy tho....

My wholesome mock 'diabetes' diet was helping me pack on the pounds - not what I'd had in mind - surely this was going to go against my argument for nixing the glucose test!

I went in ready to fight for my right to refuse but - in spite of my rapid weight gain - the Doc was perplexingly pragmatic about my reticence to do the extended glucose testing. We compromised on two staggered fasting blood sugar tests.


So in early June, after a begrudging 12 hour fast - we went back in to do my blood work. It seemed churlish to refuse, after all, I was due for the whole bloody kit and kaboodle again. It had been at least three months since my last HIV test (I must have been HIV tested seven times or more in the four years I've lived in Texas. Between three pregnancies and my green card application, they're certainly not taking any chances on me!)   

In a strange turn up for the books, this time those suspect scales showed I'd lost a whopping 7lbs since my previous visit only two weeks earlier. I was still on my wholesome diet - nothing else had changed as far as I could tell. Why then, was my weight going up and down like a whore's drawers?

Was I holding my handbag on the previous check? It wouldn't surprise me! Or perhaps the fact I was running on empty had something to do with it? A cheeky black coffee had assisted in an unusually elaborate early morning clear out also - I'd wager a two pound turd is not impossible considering Momma's not so meager portions - so perhaps it wasn't such an erroneous reading after all!

Regardless, the trusty tape measure tummy check - a very standard and thought to be reliable prenatal check - was once again 'on the money', so my Doc seemed unconcerned by my weight flip-flopping.

Thankfully, by last week's visit, everything was back to 'normal'. I'd increased a few pounds - as expected - and my fasting blood sugar results were perfect (they still want to repeat it again at 36 weeks, of course.. just to make sure).

At 34 weeks gestation, my overall weight gain is at 27lbs. And what with the general guide (or is it limit?) being 1lb/week, then I've got 7lbs (with apparently an error of +/- 7lbs) to play with! Wahoo! Surely that's my license to stuff my face...?

Not on your Nelly lady! I admit, since hearing my blood sugar results, I've let my diligence drop a wee bit on the sweets ban - a celebratory slurp of the hubs' Dr Pepper in the car, a nibble of a cupcake at the cuz's shower - and then there was that illicit IHOP tryst - surely it can't hurt, right....?

It's a slippery slope Momma! On the whole I'm still exercising incredible discipline when it comes to my sweet desires! 
Only 6 weeks to go now - and I owe it to my baby girl to go the distance.

Besides, I'm already feeling plenty plumpy enough! I don't want to get too hot (and hefty) for the hubs to handle!  


  1. Ha! 'An illicit IHOP tryst' and 'up and down like a whore's drawers' Excellent!

    Thanks for linking up Josie, and for letting me know you had trouble with the badge. I looked at it this week and it had a whole lotta gobbledygook stuck in there by some mysterious Blogger gremlin.

    1. It's a fun link-up. Thank you for hosting it!