Saturday, June 2, 2012

Party foul!

My eldest boy's best buddy had his birthday 'par-tee' at the local Putt-Putt - a mini golf course for the kids - today.

And what better way for Mom and crew to expend all that pre-party energy than to pour out all our kid's craft supplies on the cabin table and construct some good old fashioned home-made cards from the boys?

Mommy usually has more fun than the kids in these scissors & glue, glittery endeavors, and daddy comes a little unglued by the glitter and ink mess...!

Once Mom was pleased with the product - after the kids had long finished  - I  hole-punched the corner of each card, looping them onto a pink pipe-cleaner, which I used to tie together the handles of one lucky little lad's gift bag.

The result - two cutesy crafted cards doubling as gigantic gift tags. Done!

It's about this time during our birthday party go-ing prep - wrapping and labeling complete - when big kid starts to see cupcakes on the horizon. If Mommy times it right, we're already half-way out the door...

I'm always quietly chuffed about these crafty card creations. I guess I can't help taking pride in my (err, I mean the boys') handiwork. I can see it's going to take all the will-power in the world for this Momma to keep my meddling mitts off my kids' school projects....

So we arrived at the Putt-Putt - ready and raring for a round of golf - and on seeing the mountain of gifts all stacked up to the side of the picnic area, I proudly placed our prezzie among the bright and shiny bags....

Time to tee-off.

When present opening time came around - our kids' second favorite part of a party (just pipped by cupcakes) - our eldest climbed up beside his pal on the picnic bench, and was doing a fab 'special-FX' job of oohing and aahing at all the new toys being unveiled - he'd even throw in a 'whoah' every now and then for good measure...

I was happily snapping away pics of the kids, when I noticed our gilded gift was absent.

That's when I first heard about the 'party foul'.

The previous group had been late to vacate the picnic area - and the overlap had resulted in a bit of a gift-bag gaff. It turns out that I and one other mommy had left our loot on the wrong pile, and some other lucky kid was probably already tearing through our labor of love labels to get to the perfect prezzie picked out for our kid's best friend.

Way to Go, Momma! I actually felt a little sick when I found out  - I'd been so looking forward to seeing our birthday boy's face.

Much to Momma's surprise this story does have a happy ending....

The other mommy's hubby procured the previous party parents' digits from the Putt-Putt office, and on hearing about the party foul, the early-bird party daddy hurried back to the scene of the 'crime' bearing the mislaid gifts!  

Who'd have thunk? .....Daddy of course! I wish someone would return my mislaid faith in the kindness of strangers so easily.....!

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