Monday, September 17, 2012

Oops!... I did it again.

Ah, Jesus - this is embarrassing. I've gone and done it AGAIN...

I suspected as much as I was driving up the I35 frontage road just after leaving the Jumpy Place. I was right there - less than 5 minutes out - and did I turn back? Did I 'eckers like!

Do you realize how long it took me to get the tribe and all our crap loaded back up? I'd have been outta there half an hour earlier if I hadn't had to muster up some mettle just in order to leave. The hardest part of all our ventures is getting into and out of the minivan.

A quick glance back at the boys zoned into Dumbo, with their half eaten peanut butter sandwiches dropped in their laps, only reaffirmed my decision. I couldn't see little madam's face, but she was quiet.


Quiet and IN her car seat, which was, so far, unheard of. You don't mess with such fortuitous circumstances. I was already plotting the triple transfer and blessed blogging reward that would be mine. I hadn't found a moment all week...

A blog post for a phone. Hardly worth the trade - but I could do without a phone - at least for today. Anyway, chances were it was somewhere in the car. Where else could it be?

My mind flitted to the ground outside The Jumpy Place where I'd parked the minivan, then to the back of the toilet cistern inside.... and on to the couch area... and the tables where all my stuff had been laden. Hadn't I dumped everything down in the entrance area, before it all got moved to the picnic table.... ?

Ah, FRIG! It could be anywhere. Ironically I just had a giggle, this morning, with a staff member when she'd pulled a lost camera and iPhone out from the back of the couches, while cleaning them....    

Some people...! And,.. a-hem... that would be me...

We had to stop for a train crossing so I reached back and pulled my handbag and diaper bag through into the front seat for a quick rummage. Turned out it didn't have to be quick. Bloody trains.

Sadly, there was no sign of my latest and most snazziest cellphone to date. This most recent recruit had been donated to the family by a considerate colleague of my hubs. It was a replacement for the last cellular casualty that had fallen into the hapless hands of this mindless Momma.

I've lost count of how many phones I've been through this year alone. I can only get away with blaming so many disappearances on the kids. I hold my hands up to it - I'm the biggest cellphone loser known to man!

All was not lost, though. It could still be somewhere in the car.....

I drove home with thoughts of Britney Spears dancing in her 'not that innocent' red latex and dirty mud boots...

Oops!... I did it again:

In case you're wondering, lady Ga Ga did not stay quiet the whole way home. The boys, however were comatose after all that bouncing. They transferred to their train beds no problem.

Don't be sad, Momma, 'cos two outta three 'aint bad! And she still let me blog THIS. That was after I poured all the junk out of my bags and desperately scoured the nasty car floor - to no avail.

It was time to fess up to the hubs. This wasn't going to bode well for my iPhone campaign....

HAHA! The hubs just called our land line. My AWOL mobile managed to find its way into my mommy friend's tote bag. I'm not such a cellphone loser after all!


  1. I´m your new follower via GFC!
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    Hugs from Germany!

  2. Well, at least you found it!!! I used to misplace my cell phone all the time, but I couldn't bear the superior looks hubs used to give me, so I put in a lot of effort (practically fry the brain cells) to make sure I remember nowadays!! :D