Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best. Toy. Ever!

Say cheese!
I missed a beat yesterday with my post All about the prezzies! I totally forgot to include the most played with toy this Christmas. The boys scored some awesome toys, (you already had a scooby at the Hot Wheels garage, right?) but the best toy ever - at least for our 23 month old - is this cheap ass helicopter spinner Momma picked up in the end of Summer clearance sales at Dollar General.

I bought one for each boy and they still had their original 2 dollar stickers on when Mommy wrapped them up with Santa's paper on Christmas Eve. That wasn't what I paid for them though! They were 75% off - and the last two on the shelf. So a whopping 1 dollar in total for the best toys of Christmas 2012.


Admittedly the spinners didn't get off to a great start, with one of them breaking before all the rest of the kids' prezzies were even unwrapped. At 50 cents a piece you can't really grumble, and truthfully I think S-boy's rough handling of the spinner had a lot to do with the toy malfunctioning..

Same story for the elevator shaft on the somewhat more elite Hot Wheels garage!

He can get a little frustrated from time to time. His little brother, however, soon became our resident spin-guru. He hasn't relinquished hold of his spinner for days. Except when mean Momma has forced him to let big brother have a turn with the coolest toy in town.

It's his own fault for making it look so much darn fun!

I've questioned the sanity of this parental tactic, knowing the high likelihood of S-boy getting frustrated with the spinner and mishandling the pull string, thus breaking the Best. Toy. Ever. in little L-boy's world.

Getting psyched!
Eye of the tiger.
The spinner bounced right off Momma's camera!

Daddy filmed this amazing stunt on Momma's iPhone. Sorry the sound sucks. I haven't quite got the hang of my own Best. Toy. Ever, yet!

We had to sing 'bom bom' to his spinner, so he'd put it down and go to sleep. Bom bom is a freakishly clever trick I picked up at music class. Our teacher sings bom bom (in a much more melodic manner than Momma) and subsequently hypnotizes our kids into returning her super tantalizing noise toys over to her bins and voluntarily giving them back.

First time I saw this I thought WTF? She must be a witch!

I tried it at home and holy shit - it works! Even when I'm the one singing the bom boms.

Say 'bom bom' to the lap top.......


  1. All plastic "best" toys eventually break and you can never prepare toddlers for that disappointment. You may need a backup distraction toy at the ready.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Aw, man. I know you are right - I wish I'd bought a hundred of them! Merry Christmas to you too:)

  2. LOL. This is funny because I used to buy my son that exact toy from the dollar store and even though it broke within minutes, he always loved it. I just kept buyin' em!

    1. I'm relieved to hear that - hopefully our local DG will restock them *before* this one meets its maker!

  3. Found your blog via Stephanie at Mommy For Real since she nominated you for the Blog of the Year award - Congrats!...I am past the toy-buying stage for toddlers because my boys are 9,12, and 15 but you're right, this toy does look great!! If you want to check out the adventures I have raising my 3 boys, go to

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! I'll be popping over to get to know you soon:) Stephanie is such a sweetheart and a wonderful writer, so I'm incredibly honored she is directing her readers my way!