Friday, December 28, 2012

Full of Glee!

Ohhhh my!....Mr. Schuester.
I wish my Spanish teacher looked like that!
(Err, wait. Didn't I marry a Spanish Teacher???)
Not that many weeks back I got immersed in a Glee marathon on NetFlix. I did the whole shebang - from start to finish - in less than a week.

I think it's true that your tastes and standards adapt to your surroundings. By season two I was head over heels and drooling over Mr Schue, like every other Glee obsessed female fanatic. The only other eye candy the show has to offer are jail bait - so all things legally considered, Mr Schue has to do.

At one point in the first series he sings Don't Stand So Close To Me to Rachel and Emma, in a vain attempt to fend of Rachel's schoolgirl crush. And much like Emma I was reduced to a mute, gawking, fish-like state.

I'm ashamed to admit his prancing around and passionate hand gesticulations really did it for me.

Ashamed but not really surprised. See, I was once marooned on an oil rig in the South China Sea for 30 days. 99 men and me - the only girl. There wasn't one other native English speaker. A guy from India and another from Malaysia were both pretty fluent. Then there was this Filipino who nodded and grinned inanely at me whenever I spoke. The other 96 were all Chinese and only a smattering of them knew how to nod yes yes yes and if I was lucky wave, hi!

Most of these men spent all day chewing raw onion or garlic cloves and hocking up loogies. They ran about the rig housing wearing all in ones (much like my two year old) but with the addition of a convenient placed unbuttoned fly hole. In my memory they also have buttoned up butt flaps, but I'm not sure if my warped sense of humor has added that detail at some point over the past decade.

In spite of such endearing qualities, spending three weeks in their company (and only their company), I started to find the odd attractive quality here and there. For example, some had awesome little biceps from playing table tennis. Most of them had great abs - again from playing table tennis. I eventually found myself wondering about what was hiding under those buttoned butt flaps.....

Thank God I was brought back to shore soon after that - who knows what depravity I'd have been capable of..?

It's the same when I'm shopping in Dollar General. For the first ten minutes or so there's nothing but crap on the shelves, but after dawdling up and down the same aisles for over an hour everything starts to look more appealing. It's like I'm Neo and suddenly every pointless store item makes more sense to me..

Who spends an hour walking up and down the aisles in DG?

I know, right? But it's the only local affordable place we have here in our wee village. And when you're desperate to escape from the clutches of the kiddos for a spell, DG doesn't seem all that bad...

But it's a dangerous game I play. I ended up spending $130 dollars in one stint at DG before Christmas.    When I wasn't adding more tat to my shopping trolley I was fantasizing about Will Shewster singing "Run girl - you're much too young girl!" to me in the Christmas decorations aisle.

What was this blog supposed to be about?

Oh, yeah. Being full of Glee. That was it.

So, tonight - after finishing our after Christmas Christmas shopping at Target - we put Sesame Street on for the boys while Momma nursed Little Miss D and Daddy grilled some chicken.

What I really love about Sesame Street is that it's not always all about the kids. More often than not they go that extra mile and throw a bit of adult humor into the mix. The writers know that at least one unfortunate member of the parental unit is likely wedged on the couch between the kids, with a tenacious 23 month old thwarting each escape attempt.

"Stay here, Mommeee!" he admonishes me gripping hold of my hand tightly with his small fingers.

Anyway, if you've got kids, and you let them watch Sesame Street, and you like Glee, then chances are you've already seen this Sesame Street spoof of the hit show. I'm all of those things and I didn't see it until tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Even Muppet Sue cracks me up!


  1. Gee, great gerrymandering . . . from glee to the south china sea and back again ;-)

    1. Huh! I learned a new word today;


      1. Manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
      2. Achieve (a result) by such manipulation: "a total freedom to gerrymander the results they want".

      Err, come again?

    2. ok, so I took some liberties, but it was such a good "g" word! and you did move the story through several "districts" to get to the end result ;-)

  2. You had me at the picture of Mr Schuester...yum... yum...!

    1. I know! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I found it!!!