Wednesday, January 30, 2013

life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it!

The bitch is gone.

I'm back! It's me, Happy Jo.

Wanna know what happened?


It was that simple.

I blogged. I played. I laughed. I looked up and screamed.

Daddy had let himself in a little after 1:30pm. He was done early, collecting his dissertation data at UT (University of Texas).

While I was extremely happy to see him striding over to me through the upside down living room toy tip, I practically shit my pants at the sight of an adult male in my house on a school day, in the early afternoon.

A very fine looking adult man to be sure. He'd dressed up. There was a time, when I first met my man, that he wouldn't teach a class without wearing a tie. Okay, so he didn't have a tie on today either. Just a smart shirt and his blue jeans, but he also wore a blazer and a cap. He looked yummy. Yummy in a very teacherish way.

He was a sight for this tired sore bitch's eyes.

And although he soon stripped down to his signature wife-beater, and donned his fluffy slippers, and camped out in the bedroom inputting his new data onto Momma's laptop, he was home.

And best of all, at 4:00pm he let me take a nap with little Miss D.

I woke up at 5:00pm with my dinner on the table.

Yes, I guess I'm gloating a little. And yes, I'm bigging my man up a LOT. Last night's babysitting might not have earned him a *GPN. But that PLUS handsome teacher get-up PLUS an afternoon nap....


*Guaranteed Pussy Night


  1. Hahaha! Go you! Naps rock:) So does a lot of other stuff you had going on there, but sleep is definitely in the top three!
    Missed commenting on your blog, J. I do believe I'm all caught up.
    Thank you, thank you for your kind words on my last post. I'm so grateful to have my bloggy friends. Seriously, it meant the world.