Sunday, February 3, 2013

Got this one in the bag!

I decided to pop my Listicles cherry this week and join in the Monday link up fun from The good life. I've been having a good laugh reading Kate's and Stephanie's Listicles link-ups for weeks now, but for some reason this week's subject suggested by Ducky was the one that finally reeled me in:

10 things you have in your purse.......

Not only is this subject fascinating and fun, but I've been dying to clear the crap out of my bag for donkey's years - and this might be the only motivation I get in 2013!

I LOVE my bag. It was a total splurge early last year. I never buy bags, but while we were sensibly shopping for a bumper bottle of Batman bubble bath in Ross I came across this tangerine beauty:

Isn't it gorgeous?

I immediately fell in love, and in spite of my weak and pathetic objections, the hubs insisted I should have it (It was a case of the lady doth protest too much.) I knew that if I had such a beautiful bag as this I would definitely look after it and keep it tidy and clean and organized:

I'm such a pig,

Here's everything else I just pulled out:

Totally useful crap.

1. A pair of Batman socks. (Were they peed on? I just don't know.)
2. A single sock for Mommy. (In the event I forget to wear socks to The Jumpy Place, I can hop around after my kids.)
3. Cars pull-up (forgot the diaper bag, you say? Have no fear....)
4. A name tag. (It must have been from one of the gzillion baby showers I went to last year. I'm fairly sure it was not my own...)
5. A cookie recipe torn out of a magazine. (I went to great lengths to swipe this from the OBs - when I was still preggers - then never looked at it again until tonight.)
6. An open bag of Graham Crackers (all my offspring eat these, even Little Miss D)
7. A butterfly sticker and a monkey transfer (??)
8. Notebook and pens (for jotting down shopping lists and blog ideas.)
9. Cheque book (garage sale currency)
10. Plastic bag. (in case a kid sh**s his pants. Ah perfect, the socks could double as wipes!)

You can also see from the pic that I have a real purse in my 'purse' (I'm talking about the pink wallet thingy down at the bottom) and lots of double mint chewing gum so I can clean my teeth when I'm in the car.

I am surprisingly more organized than I gave myself credit for! I think I'll just put all this crap right back where I found it, brush my teeth chew on a piece of gum, and go to bed.


  1. The single sock for you is the funniest part!

  2. You don't have half the crap I have in my purse, believe me! Where's the sanitary pad, the little umbrella, the agenda/calendar/planner, the hair clip,clammer or band, the comb/brush, lipstick/eyliner/lipgloss/blush etc. nail file, tissues, gum wrappers, movie tickets since "who knows", sunglasses, receipts, gum, papers of unknown origin and purpose, hand lotion, etc. etc. etc.????

    1. Hehe, Vicky I don't carry a brolly here in Texas. It never rains, but when it does a mini brolly won't save me from the downpour! I don't ware make-up :O I've lost my sun gigs (that happens about a week after I buy them from Ross) And I'm so not prepared enough to carry a tampon!!!

  3. I am CRYING with laughter at the picture of the bottom of your purse...mostly because that is EXACTLY what the bottom of mine looks like, too!! This Listicle was SO MUCH FUN, so I am glad you joined in!!

  4. Okay first of all, I LOVE YOUR PURSE!!! That's the color I want for my springy. Second of all LOL!!!!!!!!!! at the crumbs and change. So when you pay for something and if comes to $1.04 do you dig to the bottom of your purse and blow off the change? I never had to double a sock for a wipe but that sure is a good idea! One time I church I forgot diaper all together. I had the wipes. So I dumped the contents in the toilet wiped the diaper YUCK, wiped the butt and had to put the same diaper back on him. He still stank so we had to leave.

  5. OK, you set us up perfectly for that- your gorgeous purse which you would take such good care of, and then...I actually gasped when I saw the picture of the crumby coins! Hilarious! (Not gasping because mine is any better, mind you...) My favorite line is, "Were they peed on? I just don't know." I commend you for having a plastic bag- that's another item conveniently missing from my "diaper"bag. I commend you also for having an attractive purse all your own. Nice cherry-pop, mama, so glad you joined us, as you are so damn hilarious. xo

  6. I love that you posted what is in the bottom of your bag!! Mine always looked like that when the twins were little, it always cracked me up - but no one else thought it was funny. I just figured, hey, I'm a busy Mom stuff happens! Your purse is awesome, I keep hoping one year I will have the moxy to by myself a really fancy purse. Until then, I will dream of Coach. :) Great post!!

  7. YEs!! I love it! The bag AND the pic of what is in the bottom. That is exactly what mine looked like before I dumped it over the trashcan. I did mention the cracker crumbs...just didn't photograph them. So glad this is the week you decided to jump in!

    LOVING it!

  8. Crap you always make me laugh. I had to pull the iPad away from myself to control my laughter because I was shaking the bed so hard and feared waking up my husband. The set-up and then the picture inside your purse are hysterical!!! OMG! Sooo funny! I love this!

  9. That orange purse is gorgeous. I love that color. And I love your crumbs. Thank you for that reveal and for the laughs. Ellen

  10. Graham cracker crumbs mixed with quarters and paper clips? Yep, you're a mommy! I love the reasoning behind the single sock. Multipurpose on top of that!

  11. I have a sock on my dryer that is missing a spouse. Between yours and mine I see match made in heaven. No more hoppy for you ;) welcome to listicles!

  12. The shot of the inside of your purse and comment made me lol. One sock? Really?!?