Monday, April 8, 2013

Why can't a respectable person 'LIKE' my Facebook page?

I don't get it! We're all sexual beings - every last one of us. It's how we go on as a species. And yet, for some unfathomable reason, and for so many of us, it's taboo to talk about such things in polite company - and definitely NOT on your Facebook page - for shame!

I agree, there is a place and a time where it might not be the most appropriate topic of conversation: When impressionable youngsters are around, for example, or over Sunday dinner at your Granny's house.

But generally speaking it's just sex. And we're all doing it - at least the lucky ones.

Now vibrators? That's a whole different ball game. Using a gadget to pleasure your loved one - or yourself (OMG - is she talking about masturbation?) is apparently a BIG Facebook no no. Most of my friends are balking at the idea of liking my Feel the Vibe page.

God wouldn't like it - and neither would my boss..... 

Huh? Why the FUCK not?

I don't get it! I know I already said that, but I DON'T! Your boss might be my BIGGEST customer if you gave him half a chance. And he/she'd definitely relate to you a whole lot more! I thought we English were supposed to be the repressed ones..!

I keep hearing statements like: "Josie, this is the South." and "I was raised Southern Baptist." and "I have a lot of colleagues on my Facebook page." and "My church friends might see it."

Alright, so I don't exactly want to discuss my favorite vibrator with my Dad, or my husband's Dad (or Mom for that matter). And I definitely don't want to shove my gadgets down anyone's throat (except my hubs'), but I don't really see how 'liking' my Passion Parties page makes you an ally to the devil.

Do you really think that the second you click 'LIKE' all your respectable friends and acquaintances will picture you with a vibrator stuck up your arse? (they'd have to imagine you pulling the stick out first! ;)

And if they did - would that really be so bad? (I'm kidding!!!!)

FYI: One of my up-line managers in my Passion Party team is a pastor and founder of a Church in Texas. I think I like her God and Boss very much.


  1. Josie, I love in the middle of mormon country and I'm a baptist. I belong to your page and another called Pure romance. If we worried what everyone thought about anything, we'd never get the chance to be ourselves. (or have any fun). <3 you and all those toys...Hahahhaha

  2. I can't believe somebody said that God wouldn't like it and neither would their boss. That's not only judgmental and assholey, it's stupid. Who gives a crap about what that person's boss would think? Nuts. Of course, I would never want my boss to read MY blog, but that's me ;)

    1. Haha! Kristi,I'm not sure anyone said these exact words verbatim: "God wouldn't like it - and neither would my boss....." That's my artistic interpretation;)
      Of course, I'm the biggest hypocrite there is! 'Cos I'm scared to death about who will read my blog after I've clicked publish! I'm only ever this outspoken in my head - but once it's written down I'm terrified of who I might offend! I think I need to blog about my being a wuss ;)

  3. So, for anyone who is too "squeamish" to like your page publicly on FB, they can always like it, go to their profile page and then "hide" it from their timeline. Just sayin'.

    1. Ha! Thanks for that Stephanie. I think that Facebook puts out a post on your Newsfeed the second you click 'like' saying "Stephanie LIKES Feel the Vibe" So that will be there for the few seconds it takes you to go back and hide it. You never know who's lurking around on your FB page during those few seconds....;)

  4. i love this post (except the disclaimer; when a disclaimer is needed, that's always the best time not to add one in my opinion, unless it's a long list of deadly side-effects). People are ridiculous. Has anyone stopped to wonder why our Creator put the clitorus on the outside of a woman's poonanie? It isn't required for procreation...IT'S THE FUN BUTTON, PEOPLE! It's meant to be stimulated for no other reason than pure and simple pleasure. It IS Divine Design. And it is glorious. We should be writing hymns about our god-given clits! Hallelujah!

    I'm totally going to "like" your vibrator page, and I might even start a facebook account for my clit, so she can "like" you page, too!

    1. HAHAHAHA! Thank you - especially for your input on the disclaimer. I had my doubts too - I added it after I published it.. then thought I didn't need it.. then I left it anyway. Then today I re-edited it... I mean WTF! You are totally right though, so 'POOF!' - it's gone ;)

  5. I feel like if you're married, no one would even notice. I can see a pastor getting his edible panties in a wad over a single woman purchasing butt plugs and a sex swing, but a married woman rocking out some vibrators should just be a regular Tuesday.

    Which reminds me...I need batteries.