Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great business acumen, pretty ballsy or 'bit of a slut' - what's your take?

The other night the hubs and I worked diligently into the night sticking a decal onto the back window of Momma's minivan. It was a phenomenal and rare example of what a top team the two of us can make. More often than not we have very different ideas of how the job's going to go down, but on this Blue Moon that wasn't the case.

And it wasn't because the task was an easy one. More than once I suspected it was going to be a whopping waste of $35 and - more devastatingly - two hours with all three kids sleeping at once, which could have been better spent on actually having sex than working on advertising my Passion Parties business.

The vinyl wouldn't stay put until we warmed the inside of the car up (the hubs' idea) and heated up the outside with a hairdryer (also the hubs' idea - although I'd been thinking along the same lines). The overall effect is freaking fabulous - even if I do say so myself.

Purchased from The Decal Gal on Etsy
It didn't even occur to me to doubt the sensibility of advertising Passion Parties on my minivan. The hubs and I did briefly discuss - and very quickly dismissed - the idea of sticking one on the back of his car; particularly as he's parked up most all of the time outside the High School. I wouldn't be doubting it now had a girlfriend not uttered the words:

"You need to be careful.... you're in Bible Belt territory......."

Wait. What the? Say what now?  

She went on to applaud me for 'fighting back' and standing up for women's rights.

Err - wait. What the? Say what now?

Apparently I'm flying a a bit of a political flag with my bold hot pink lettering. Well shit - I was just hoping to sell a few more vibrators!

It hadn't even occurred to me that I might upset a few folk. I know, I know. You're thinking that's pretty blonde of me - am I right? But I'm serious! I'm a total coward when it comes to speaking my mind in public. I prefer to sit pretty on the fence when it comes to taking a political stance on abortion or gun laws or whatever the current hot debate topic is on Facebook. I won't even 'like' a posting if it's overtly political - no matter how much I genuinely like it.

I was always told it's not good manners to discuss politics or religion in company - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - so if I can help it, I don't.

After mulling it over for a day or so I asked one other girlfriend what she thought of my decal. I hadn't been intending to ask for opinions as I figured I'd only end up chickening out and undoing all the hubs' and my hard efforts. However, as I was looking for a bit of reassurance I asked a vibe-loving lady (who's opinion greatly matters).

She said it was ballsy.

Huh. I kinda liked being called ballsy. And my first thought was, 'Cool - I can be ballsy!' Followed quickly by trepidation....

Err - wait. What the? Say what now?

So I asked the hubs what he thought, while we were brushing our teeth last night.

"Well, when I'm driving behind someone with an 'I love Jesus' bumper sticker I'm not exactly digging the sentiment - and that's okay. Same as it's okay for someone driving behind you to think you might be a bit of a slut."

Err - wait. What the? Say what now?

So, I'm not taking it down - but I am asking your opinion. Great business acumen, pretty ballsy or 'bit of a slut' - what's your take???


  1. as they say in the mafia . . . ‘it’s nothing personal, just business.”

  2. Ahahahahaha! You are so funny! I go great business acumen AND ballsy.

    I, too, never comment on anything political either. I never feel like I have a firm enough grasp on any topic to ever speak intelligently about it, so I just keep my opinions to myself.

  3. I'm the same way when it comes to politics and won't 'like' something controversial.

    I agree with Kate, ballsy and great business acumen. Give it some time and see what happens I suppose.

  4. Definitely a bit of a slut but that's why I love ya! You bring a bit of balance to the Bible Belt and opening people's minds. I applaude you. Love from your Scottish slutty friend xxx

  5. I had a boyfriend once who wouldn't let me have a Passion Party at our place, because he thought our neighbors might be offended... I was appalled and so dumbfounded. I wish that I had stood up to him and had the party and I wish that the consultant had decals on her car!
    Ballsy and I LOVE IT!
    The Bible Belt needs some shaking!