Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A moment

The cool breeze catches my loose tendrils on a hot summer's day. I can feel the air move beneath my knees and thighs, as I watch the hammock string tassels shudder in response.

The quiet is heavenly. I can hear dozens of different bird species calling to one another with their individual song and a dog exhaling below the decking beneath my hammock.

A distant sound of an engine mars the quiet, rising to a crescendo as a truck courses past along the country road hemming our land.

The wind chimes are clanging incessantly but melodically. They don't disrupt the quiet like the low flying airplane and the beaten old truck. Baby is sleeping soundly in her carseat shaded beneath a wind rippling canvas. The plastic crinkles aren't serving to wake her. Yet.

Sleep, baby. Sleep. Mommy needs this moment.