Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sleep dependent

I can't sleep unless the man helps me. How pathetic is that? I know it bugs him. And as well it should. He falls off the face of the planet the second his noggin sinks into his pillow - as long as it's the 'right' pillow ~ fussy bugger.

Who wants the arduous daily task of helping his wife and her overactive brain wind down every night? I certainly don't ~ she sounds like a right pain in the ass!

So I sympathize with the man's plight. I do . But my sympathy doesn't help the poor sod. My going to sleep would help him ~ but that ain't gonna happen unless he rubs my feet.... or meditates me through all the colors of the rainbow... or tells me a really long-winded boring story.

Oh goody - my foot rub is underway! I better stop my blogging and fall asleep before he gets a higher impact notion in his head.

It's his birthday tomorrow, perhaps I'll give him the night off. See ~ I'm not such a pain in the ass after all!!!

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