Monday, June 24, 2013

'Naughty' Lennox and the theory of relativity

Today I feel a burning need to stand up for my 'naughty' kid. Not that he needs defending from anyone ~ except perhaps his blogger Momma who is the only guilty slanderer (to the best of my knowledge.)

Last night during a pretty weird dream my own Momma told me off for besmirching the little lad's good name. The subconscious source of this remonstration was a little dubious to say the least as my dream-mother was engaged in some bizarre and what I can only describe as enabling behavior with my grown-up twin brother.

I wish I could remember the details that were as lucid as the night was dark, and disturbing enough to wake my exhaustion stricken mind, but they've since disappeared along with the night. Being the only person physically present during my dream I'm fairly certain all the characters and the standpoints they take are manifestations of myself and my own beliefs.

Before I published my story last night the hubs asked "Are you sure you want to call Lennox the 'naughty' one?" My glib response was "Well, he is isn't he?" pretty much a brush off to Daddy for his being overly concerned. But Daddy wasn't concerned for our 'naughty' kid. He was actually trying to protect his wife from herself. He's more aware than anyone (even me) of how Momma can twist herself in knots with guilt over her three little charges.

But rarely do I heed Daddy's warning ~ even when I fully understand the subtleties behind his concerns. Just because I have the guilt does not mean I condone it! It's the same concept as caring about what people think of you. Even if you don't agree with their opinion it still hurts.

And the truth is Lennox IS our 'naughty' kid. Note how I always quote unquote 'naughty'? That's because the adjective is most definitely subjective and in all cases completely relative. Sometimes I wonder if we didn't have our sweet and saintly Sawyer to compare him to, would I even think he was naughty at all?

Lennox is our raging ball of energy - and so quick on the uptake he belies belief. It's a trick to slow him down or calm his spirit and I'm not sure I'd ever want to. He doesn't ever take 'no' for an answer ~ It's just one more obstacle to overcome, and he will try try try until he does 'it' whatever 'it' may be!

My tenacious two year old doesn't let anything or anyone stand in his way. This kid will move mountains. To keep him (and those all around him) safe I need eyes in the back of my head. And to keep his Punch and Judy behavior in check more than the patience of Job is required.

A strong sense of righteousness courses through him and when he gets a handle on the way things are it takes a lot of convincing him otherwise. He will reprimand, punish and object until justice has been served or he deigns to accept Momma's explanation for the sudden and unexpected turn of events. He is the first to hold Momma accountable ~ no pulling the wool over this one's eyes!

Lennox squeezes the tightest when he hugs and can problem solve faster than some of the top Shell execs I know. Last night we were building bridges with wooden blocks and our Lennox climbed into the box and stated "I'm a brick - make me into a bridge!" So I picked him up and placed him alongside the rest of his bricks and grinning broadly he spread his arms open wide. His laughter is a tonic and contagious to all, and his mischief brightens most dreary days.

He eats greens like a champion and pees on (and all around) the big boy potty just like his hero Sawyer. His favorite word today is 'disassemble'. And yes ~ now I'm TOTALLY bragging on my little monster! I always thought bigging yourself up was a crime but he's not me - he's my kid - so extreme levels of conceitedness are acceptable and even encouraged!

Needless to say ~ the boy's a genius. That's why he's so 'naughty'. On a great parenting day I can harness all that energy in helping Momma. On all the other 364 days of the year if I make it through the day without him killing himself or his siblings I'm pretty stoked.

I've heard the following fondly stated about his rambunctious ways (usually accompanied by a shake of the head): "That boy!" and "You've got your hands full with that one!" and "So and so's youngest is just like him!"

These character assassinations I don't mind so much ~ they're cute and humorous and innocent enough. But sometimes when I hear his 'naughty' behavior being knowingly discussed I feel an overwhelming urge to jump in and tell the listener a thousand and one reasons why our Lennox is blessed with such spirit. I know my defense is unnecessary but I just can't help it. Championing these little beings is just one more facet to my job after all.

At a family gathering recently, before I could stop myself, I chimed in to what I wrongly anticipated would be an L-Boy bashing conversation with "But he's got the BEST personality!" and I've been kicking myself ever since!

Why? Because what I meant was he has a great personality, in spite of his naughtiness! But I did not mean he had a better personality than his siblings. I'm not sure if my meaning was implicit. And in being an overly protective Momma Lion and defending my cub I might have taken something away from my other cubs.

See, the Mommy guilt is strong in this one. Stand by for more offspring defensive blogging....

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