Thursday, June 20, 2013

Minding my business

I've actually been staring at the white computer screen with my fingertips hovering over the keyboard immobile for the past ten minutes or so. But it's not because I don't have anything to say. I'm actually thinking twice before I spill my guts to the Internet.

This starting a Passion business malarkey has compromised my blogging integrity. I'm starting to think twice about putting myself out there. Which is pretty ridiculous when I think about it ~ I'm already 'out' there. But now I'm representing a company and I don't want to misrepresent what they're all about, I'm starting to rethink what I'm all about.      

I've always had a keen sense of humor - about most things in life, but particularly the baser stuff. Tell me a dirty joke and I'll laugh the hardest and longest. I love potty humor. It's easy and hilarious. I think this might be a genetic disposition. My kids are already laughing when they hear a toot, and they are very aware of the hilarity their own tooting can create - at least if Mommy's in the room.

Listen to this, too good to miss, de de le de, de de le de le BLLLLLLEERRR!

The other day at the Clubhouse our Sawyer farted as he was heading into the pool. So he made sure to yell across the pool to his Uncle Doug sitting in the shade.

"Uncle Doug ~ I just tooted!" The proud grin on his face was reflected as clear as day in Mommy's who was sitting poolside next to Uncle Doug and Great Granny.

"You can't teach that!" I laughed.

I'm not sure why I was the only one laughing.

I know there are plenty of others out there that love my humor. But they aren't all around me apparently. Even the hubs is grossed out on a daily basis.

So if my hilarious blog has a niche audience, then perhaps it's not such a great thing for my Passion business, which does NOT have quite such a niche clientele.

Hold the pone! Did Momma just say that Passion Parties does not have a niche clientele?

You are damn right I did. Passion Parties is for EVERYONE.

So I am thinking twice when I post a dirty pic on my Feel The Vibe Facebook page; because the page is for everyone but if the joke only gets a titter from a few and a belly laugh from even fewer, the chance of it putting off a potential client is greater than the entertainment value it holds. That's not to say my jokes aren't funny. Obviously they are hilarious.

Just only to a select group of peeps. You know who you are.

So please bear with me my foul followers as I try to find my balance with blogging and my business. My business is about helping women, ALL women ~ and that includes the more introverted, private, conservative and classier ladies that aren't digging on my blog.

You know who you are.

Hands up if you just farted?

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