Thursday, June 20, 2013

Phone blogging

So far I've only gotten the title down and my hand is aching already.

I'm fighting gravity with my phone held above my head, and my right wrist is not happy with the jerking actions as I finger type this down.

It seems a bit of a crazy cumbersome style - typing overhead - but when you're lying on your back with a baby suckling on your breast you do what you must to pass the time.

I could be sleeping, and the behind my eye stinging sensation I'm experiencing tells me I'm not far from that cell regenerating pit-stop.

I'm more than okay with that, assuming I don't have another nightmare. I once read that only small kids and elderly folk have nightmares. Then while I was preggo I added 'preggos' to the list.

Now I'm adding sleep deprived nursing Moms to the list although I'm starting to think it could just be me.

Daddy just arrived with some foot cream so I better stop blogging and act suitably grateful. Plus I want to click publish before I lose all this drivel like the last time I attempted such a high tech maneuver.

You'd think I would have learned from my rookie error and be using the notes app right now. But I'm far too lazy for all that copy and paste business.

Alright I'm clicking 'done'...

(I chickened out and copied it first tho.)

Here goes...

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