Friday, June 21, 2013

Nap time

She didn't let me sleep last night. Instead she used me like a climbing frame all night long.

A climbing frame that has two popsicles on top.

I don't remember being awake very much. Instead I spent the night in a halfway place where sleep was just out of reach.

Contradictory to an insomniac's plight, though, the night was over in a flash. I laid my head down and felt the haze wash over me - subsequently surrendering to her scratching teeth and fingers.

I think Daddy helped around 6:00am. I vaguely remember her piercing cries as she was wrenched away from her Mommy's bosom. Poor little girl.

Now it's nap time. I'm sitting in the dark in the boys room with my back to the door listening out for Baby Dagny.

She crashed out mercifully in her stroller an hour or so ago, but the boys weren't ready then. Now they're ready to join her in the land of nod and what Mommy would give to go with them too...

All is silent now. Wish me luck.

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