Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pregnant since 2008

Well, it's New Year's Eve. The Earth has made yet another full turn around the sun, and incredibly the hubs and I made it round that entire time without being pregnant ~ not even the once. That's the first time since 2008.

2008: Preggo with Sawyer.
2009: Preggo with Sawyer.
2010: Preggo with Lennox.
2011: Preggo with Lennox then Dagny.
2012: Preggo with Dagny.
2013: NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!! 

When I see my pregnancies written down like that it looks crazy!! 

WE look crazy! 

I know what you're thinking...... I'm a little premature with this blog, right? It isn't over 'til the fat lady sings. There are still 9 hours left of 2013. Plenty of time to be 'making-the-babies'... I could be the proverbial fat lady singing before midnight!

Oh. You weren't thinking that??? (silly Josie). That's just plain cuckoo, right? How about we celebrate our non-pregnant state with a 'knees-up' of a different sort? 

"Open the wine, Dan! Let's get this party started!"

Here's to a fun-filled evening with lots of fireworks! Happy New Year folks!

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