Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cry baby Daddy

Over the last week I've noticed my hubbie has evolved somewhat...... emotionally, I mean.

He's a sensitive and appreciative soul - he always has been - and it makes life's great 'labors' so much easier for me to carry when the love and respect he holds for me and the boys is so evidently plastered across his fine features...

He's never really been a cryer before though...!  

These are not sad tears that are uncontrollably breaking through to spill point. My man keeps getting overcome by sudden bouts of sheer happiness.

The triggers to these emotional outbursts - three so far, to be precise - have been our boys. Every little thing they do is magic and - apparently to Daddy - cry worthy.....

On Wednesday we took a slight detour to see Great Grandpa (aka Papou) on our way home from a wonderful evening with the Grandfolk, and our eldest, upon realizing our amended destination, started yelling "I'm coming to you Papou!"... it sounded something more like 'am comin yooo Papooo... !'

Admittedly it was very beautiful, and I was definitely touched... but teary...? I guess I left that emotion all for Daddy - who tried discreetly but unsuccessfully to wipe at his eyes. Only to have his surprised - and not so subtle -wife exclaim "Are you CRYING?". His reply ("shut up!") was real damning evidence and I got a great kick out of teasing poor Papa bear.....

But it didn't end there...

The next morning - out of the blue - our big kid started calling one of our big stripy beakers "Four's cup!" in honor of our much loved Scottish buddy who stopped over for a flying visit last weekend. It was just too much for Daddy - who I know misses his mate greatly - and back on came the water works.

Again very giggle-worthy for this merciless Momma - earning me another less polite "get-lost!" as he high-tailed it to work. Ahh, lovely lovely for me to witness this obscure hormonal role reversal!

Last night was his most recent crying episode, all because I bathed our littlest in the bathroom sink after he'd wet-face-planted in the sand box. His sand coated chops were very comical. And no tears from baby.. no sirree.... I think he didn't want to upstage his delicate Daddy, who's sniveling was onset by baby's playing with his little Batman figure in the sink - Yes! That was all.

The reason for Daddy's recent mood swings is simple.

He is happy..... and I think he is pregnant.

OK, so he may not physically have a bun inside his oven, but his life mate does. Why should Daddy have to miss out on all the 'fun' symptoms that go with it?

There's actually a clinical term for his Daddy Pregnancy Symptom: Couvade Syndrome. It's so wonderful for me that to know that Daddy sympathizes with Mommy's situation to such an extent that he actually manifests his own symptoms.

So far, he's only experiencing mood swings, and thankfully - unlike maelstrom Momma - he's only swinging towards happy!

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