Monday, May 21, 2012

stay away from my bitch!

bloody pup!
So it happened that I wasn't just hostess with the mostess to our Scottish buddy last weekend, our lady doggy's old flame came to stay too - her first love.

When he arrived at the house, on Friday evening, he joined our male pup in the kennel - you know, the little upstart I blogged about in the fight for Alpha!  - and although they both may have been a little disenchanted at our lady's absence, the two of them seemed to tolerate each other pretty well. Like most blokes when they first meet.

Our girl was inside with Momma, still recuperating  after catching a stray bullet in the butt last week (well, shoot!). We eventually let her go down and hang with her hounds, and - without beating about the bush - the little madam mounted her guest with gusto, emitting her appreciative guttural bark/howl noises that are totally blush worthy. He took it like a champion - I guess he's always liked a bit of rough handling from our lady (she is a bit of a 'hot' dog after all).

We gave the trio a little privacy so our lucky lady could get down and dirty with her romping pals, but in no time at all, we noticed our poor pitiful pup had been left out in the cold, literally. When I looked down over the deck, he was leaning against the pen fencing, in the rain - looking very sorry for himself indeed.

I went down to check he was doing OK, and immediately the other male mutt hovered his head in a domineering fashion over pup's producing a low throaty warning growl. I'd never seen this dog act so tough before. He's usually such a push-over, both with our lady and his kennel-mate Yorkie, who's always putting him in his place. I was starting to get the impression that maybe three was a crowd, so we intercepted our underdog, bringing him up to the house - just in case his being a third wheel was vexing our visitor.

On Saturday evening, after taking all three dogs on a leashed walk - remember we live in shotgun territory (Gunner get yer!) - we let our own pups reunite to blow off some steam, before reintroducing their guest to the game. Of course, poor pup got pinned straight away by his new nemesis. Hoping they would be able to establish a pooch pecking order between themselves - we decided to give all three of them some pen time together, and let the hound dogs work out their jealousy - mano a mano.

However, no sooner had I dished out ice cream to the boys up on the deck, did all hell let loose down in the dog pen. I'm not sure if he deserved a licking - but that's what pup got. And just as he'd been laid out by our lodger, our girl perversely piled on-top, mounting the would-be 'alpha' attacker - while he was still mauling poor pup

Mommy examining pup's torn ear
I can't say if her dominatrix deal was down to defending her toy-boy, or if she was turned on by her old mate's machismo. If only I'd have had a bucket of water to throw down on them! My yelling at least pulled them off of our more-than-just shaken pup, who's white fur was crimson stained around his head.

I could see his ear was torn from where we were standing on the deck and I rushed down to rescue our defeated doggie. Pup gladly gave up his lovely lady (at least for the weekend) to the fight champion, who'd reigned supreme washed-up-Tyson style - by tearing up poor pup's lug-hole!

first wrapping attempt
And what a bloody mess! Daddy tried wrapping pup's ear three times, but he kept on pushing the side of his head along the carpet until he worked the irksome bandages off. Once he'd freed his dripping torn flap he would shake his head furiously spraying red droplets everywhere.

blood dripping out of control!
There was nothing else for it, we abandoned the bandaging and decided to let the wound air, confining poor pup in our cabin bathroom. He was actually calmed by the little box room (after a few minutes of crazy head shaking) and he circled his bed once or twice before tucking in for the night. By morning though, our sunny yellow bathroom looked like a scene from psycho!

psycho scene
(pic doesn't do it justice)
Thankfully overnight the gloop from his ear had coagulated, and we didn't have to go out in search of one of those ridiculous head-lampshades.

Poor puppy was kept out of his pen for the rest of our guest's stay. It was his turn to recuperate in the house with Momma - not such a bad consolation prize!

Maybe we'll let the males meet again in the future, when our pup is a little bigger and hopefully a little more able to stand the heat.. But, unless they're willing to share their red-haired minx - I'm sure our lady would love that, but I don't see either hound consenting to a polyamorous pen arrangement - I fear there will be more bad blood shed in the future........  

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