Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every dog has its day - and every cloud has a silver lining

Since welcoming another puppy into our home we've managed to avoid too many chewing catastrophes, mainly by racing around picking up all our crap before the pesky pooch gets hold of it.....

But we couldn't save our awesome 50s couch from his nashers.... how do you pick up a sofa? The funky furniture was handed down to us from my hubby's Granny who'd kept it plastic wrapped (like Everybody Loves Raymond's Ma) and in tip-top condition - that was until this motley crew got our messy mitts on it! Lucky for our pup it had already been peed on, otherwise he'd have been skinned alive for eating half of the arm...

newborn baby boy#2 on our funky 50s couch.
(Thanks Sleeping Owl Photography )

For a while we were successfully distracting both hounds with a nightly rawhide chew - but after a few weeks of warily wolfing down their treats (in pup's case swallowing them almost whole in a snake-like fashion) they both suffered from endless and chronic diarrhea! We assumed they'd blocked off their digestive tracts with the hard-to-digest-unchewed nightly 'treat' we'd been giving them. The diarrhea didn't clear-up until we ixnayed the canine candy..

So now pup is back on the prowl nightly - unless we hound him endlessly to lie still. But it's too easy to drop our guard, what with Mommy rampantly blogging and Daddy wrapped up in his thesis research... The little opportunist always attempts to claim some household trophy before being thwarted and subsequently kenneled for the night. We're working towards them both sleeping indoors - both for our security and their comfort - but with the incessant bouts of diarrhea and pup's teething tendencies, I'm not yet ready to brave it!

Unfortunately,  the other night, both Daddy and Mommy dropped the ball, and pup - unable to believe his luck - got a free run of the house for way longer than either of us intended - or even realized. Daddy fell asleep beside our eldest kid in his choo-choo bed and, Mommy - well Mommy was blogging of course! It wasn't until the next morning that I finally stumbled across pups 'needle' work......

I was actually attempting to clip my new (bigger and better) front-clasp bra in place, which I'd just picked up off the living room carpet (not an unusual home for Mommy's bra) when I realized the back had been chewed through. Huh! Not a big loss really - in fact, pooch has done me a huge favor! I bought it in Ross last week and, although I love LOVED it in the changing room - as did my eldest boy - the oh-so-comfy strapless wrap around bra lost all favor after its first real test run.... The Jumpy Place!

My - apparently now a D - pregnant boobies were deceivingly held snug and secure in a static position - but once I was on the move, all that bending and bouncing, and twisting and lifting of my boys gave that flexible wrap around bra a life of its own! That, and the unevenness of my scoliosis suffering shoulder blades, had my girls - in particular the right one - bouncing right out of there! And when I wasn't fully spilling over, I had an unsightly mutant double booby effect going on.....

Having paid good moolah for the privilege, I wasn't about to chuck the sucky bra without just cause..... thank you pup - you just saved Mommy from a four-booby future!

His second misdemeanor, however, stung pretty bad - at first. He'd managed to chew all the way through the rubber straps on both of my Brazilian Flip-Flops. With all the toys and other crap scattered throughout the house, he has to go after Mommy's bra and shoes!

My well worn and long-time loved South American souvenirs will be sorely missed! I dumped the remains summarily over the side of the deck into the dog pen. Each flip-flop has now been recycled into a free new chew toy for each doggy - what a way to reward such naughty behavior Momma....

And guess who just bought herself the cutest new pair of rockin' Roxy flip-flops...? Go Momma!


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