Sunday, December 9, 2012

something better to do than blog...?

I want to test my ability to pull a post out of my ass. No, I don't have a stick up there (we can talk about that some other day if you'd like).. I mean a blog post.

I thought I wanted to write, but all my inspired ideas are failing me now. This is the third 'new post' I've opened in the last 60 seconds. I'd better save my humdingers for when I've got at least half a brain operating.

I guess I'm not in the mood for anything that requires coherent thought.

It's the girl's fault. I'm at the workstation in our cabin with Little Miss D clamped to my right booby - she's sucking all BUT my stupidity out of me.

I wedged the Boppy pillow into the swivel chair so I could multitask - i.e. feed and blog at the same time, but what she really wants to do is snooze and suckle indefinitely on her great big cumbersome woman-sized pacifier.

Her cute little button nose is tucked right in to my armpit - she's a brave one ladies and gentlemen!

Oh, wait a sec. The little lady doth protest too much.


Okay  I'm back.

I put her in the bouncy-chair, and she's looking right up at me in wonder; cooing with that half smile and those piercing blue eyes, and........

......and I can't do this. Not this sort of multitasking. I mean - just look at her.

"Play with me Mommy!"
Am offski to zerbert her some more. G'nite folks!

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  1. Oh dear God, that is one cute baby! So, you giant cumbersome pacifier, speaking of armpits, does your baby ever fall asleep with her head in your armpit? Mine used to do that all the time and when we woke up her head smelled like armpit. Yuck.