Monday, January 7, 2013


I had the best of intentions to go 'cold turkey' on L-boy's diapers today - in the end we went about 3 hours. Not bad all things considered and within that time the little super star yelled;

"Tinkle Mommeeeee! Then backed his little butt down on the potty and peed with force. I say that because afterwards he jumped up and spun around then squatted down to get a closer look and pointed excitedly,

"Bubbles Mommeee!

He was very proud of that.

I abandoned the cold turkey mission, because; a) it was freezing when we all woke up, and b) this is what the little man gorged his face on Saturday afternoon:

The phrase "Let me see green poop Mommy!" has been uttered twice today. The first time both he and his elder brother were amazed.

"WOW!" said S-boy. "WOOOAAHHHH!" said his little bro.

Just now (bedtime) we were back to shitty brown.

"Let me see green poop Mommeeee!"

"It's all gone baby." I said solemnly and obligingly opened the diaper so they could examine that, yes indeed we were back to brown.

"Green poop all gone!" L-boy wailed.

Yes, indeedy L-boy. All gone!

Weather forecast is chilly again tomorrow, but with the shit forecast back to normal we may well be game on with that cold turkey action......

(Hopefully Momma won't sneeze and pee her pants and Baby-D won't spew up all her milk and mushy pees exorcist style.) What? Who said that??  


  1. Ah, so thankful for the warm weather here. It made it a lot easier toilet training the youngest. The oldest had to endure the chilly-no-heat Sydney winter potty training.

    1. I was jealous to see you all out at a swimming hole on yesterday's post! S-boy asked to go swimming today, but it's way too brrrrrrrr!

  2. Oh my gosh. We had a similar situation this week. My niece's b-day was Thursday and she had a cake with bright blue frosting. The next day my 7 year old called out the bathroom, "what does it mean when your poop is purple?" Thankfully, I was able to put 2 and 2 together before I freaked out. What is that blue stuff he's eating in the picture? Is it frosting too? Isn't it fun to gather as a family around the toilet to observe one's bowel movement? Memories being made.

    1. It was blue frosting from a Cookie Monster cupcake. Interesting how your kid's turned purple and not green.... Blue + red = purple, and blue + yellow = green! You can tell a lot about a person by the color of their poop;)

  3. I just read back-to-back potty stories and they were both hilarious and I am laughing, but...we'll see who is laughing a year from now when it is ME doing the potty training. Ugh. Last few sentences were awesome. My condolences on the loss of the green poop. :D

  4. Oh girl, that made me laugh. Peeing with such force that he made bubbles? Win!
    Plus, blue frosting and green poop can make for a fun day of diaper discovery. Potty Training can wait. You're all having too much fun!